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  • 2010-07-20
    Release date
  • iOS 5.0 +
  • 1.99$

SuperCam_Pro is a professional mobile phone client software for digital video recorders.IP cameras and NVR in CCTV surveillance (compatible models only).
If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

1. Support single, Multi-channel monitor switching.
2. Support PTZ control
3. Support channel video capture, record and record playback
4. Support channel audio
5. Support server list. No limit on the number of server lists.
6. Support audio, and shake alarm.
7. Support remote server information query.
8. Support electronic zoom (fullscreen mode)
9. Support backup record files to Ablum on iPhone, then you can transport these files to PC by iTunes.

The software is for professional usage and copyright copyright-protected.

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