My name is Doug, and welcome to AppStoreApps.com. Every day I try to post brand new reviews of iPhone App Store Applications. If you have a request for a review please don’t hesitate to contact me. I can not review all requests, but I do like to hear what the readers are interested in. And if there is a demand for 1 certain application, I will be sure to review it for everyone.

I imagine that you’re asking yourself one of two things(or maybe even both). . .
– Why is this guy doing this?
– How does this help me?

Ironically enough, I’m doing this to help you. I feel that if I can show you every single detail of an application before you buy it. . .then I can help confirm whether it’s going to be a worth it or not. There is nothing worse than paying for an application(even if it’s only $1) and then it turn out to not be what you thought it was going to be.

There is currently over 1.2 million applications in Apple’s App Store. Some are GREAT and then some are just OK. A lot of them are very polished and the developers know how to sell their strengths. But what about their weaknesses. Here I do my best to show you both the good and bad of each iPhone application.

Review Process

It is very hard to be objectionable when it comes to reviewing thousands of iPhone applications. Something that I like isn’t always going to be something that you like. And it is very hard to compare a game like Kroll and Hero of Sparta to a game like Wurdle and Mafia LIVE!. Both games have their unique aspects and interesting features. The best I can do is tell you how the apps/games work and if I think the developer did a good job or not. Instead of focusing on how an application sucks. . .I’d rather give examples of how it could be better, or what features they should have included.

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