With 500 iPhone Apps to be released on launch(and now with over 4,000 and counting). . .that is a LOT of applications to go through and find which ones are good and which ones suck. Especially since a lot of the applications are paid applications. It is safer to find out as much about an application before you buy it. Also, you will be able to see screenshots as well as video for each iPhone Application listed in the App Store.

Never again pay for an application and later regret it because it didn’t turn out the way you though it would.


Hey, thanks for visiting the website. My name is Doug and I am a 25 year old geek. If I’m not at work(a pizza place), then you can find me typing away on the laptop. Either reading through dozens of RSS Feeds or listening/watching a bunch of podcasts.


My first computer was an 8088. . .and the first machine I ever built was a 286. After learned to build and repair computers I started learning HTML and web design. I used to work as a CSR for a Newsgroup company. . .which is where I really began to learn about the internet.


If you would like to contact me with questions, comments, news tips, a review of an application, your own background artwork. . .or any other contributions you can find my email address by visiting the Contact page or call +1-888-976-9307.