You can’t ask for a website that targets your niche audience more than Thousands of loyal visitors come here every day looking for new and unique iPhone and iPod Touch applications and they are the ones that you want to get your applications in front of. You can check out the advertisement page for details about the website’s traffic details and our pricing structure(as low as $25 per month). is responsible for over $10,000 in iPhone App Store Application sales($10k last month, $15k this month).


Developers, feel free to contact me about reviewing your applications. Apple has made it very easy for developers to send out promotional(full) copies of your applications to friends, press, reviewers, etc. Developers have been taking advantage of this and sending out copies to all of the niche blogs/websites.

If you’re a developer that feels that your application(s) isn’t getting the kind of coverage it should be, I would be happy to download and review it for you here on All you have to do is click here to contact me, and ask for more details. Getting your application in front of the iPhone community is your job as a developer. . .don’t let your hard work go to waste, and let your application get buried in the sea of others.

Note – Since I accept every request that I get to review applications, my ‘list of apps’ to review has grown rather large. It’s currently sitting at over 1000 applications which means that while I am happy to review your application. . .it will take me a long time to get to it but please be patient and please keep submitting your apps to me. has been around since the launch of the App Store, and it is here to stay. We’ve also been featured on such websites as TechCrunch, Digg’s front page(multiple times), MacWorld, ZDNet, TUAW,,, Gizmodo, InsideCRM, TechRadar, and plenty of others.

Link to your Review

When the review for your application gets published, I encourage you to utilize the images below and link to the reviews on the homepage for your application(every developer should make a website for their applications). Link these directly to your review so that your potential customers can read an un-biased review of your application.


If you are currently working on an application, and it hasn’t been released yet, this is a great way to get some buzz about it. Contact me with the following and I can do a ‘preview’ for the application.

  • Developer Name
  • Developer URL
  • Application Name
  • 1 or 2 Screenshots
  • Estimated Release Date
  • Brief Description