Write for Us

I would like to invite any reader here to write for AppStoreApps.com. All you have to do is send me an email with a review of your favorite(or most used) iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad application. If I like how you reviewed the application, I will post it on AppStoreApps.com(under your name) and respond to your email with a promo code for an iPhone application I would like you to review. These promo codes are for paid application(but you will get them free) and are sent by the developers themselves.

Once you respond to that email with the review for the 2nd app, I will post it on the site again, and send you a promo code for another application. I will continue to do this until you no longer send me reviews. After a certain amount of time, if I feel you are responsible enough, I will send you iTunes gift cards, so you can purchase applications you like so we can get those reviewed on the website as well.

All you have to do is send me an email, details are on the contact page of this website. All written reviews have to be unique to AppStoreApps.com(which means they can not appear on any other website, even after published on AppStoreApps.com) and must be written by you 100%. I will not tolerate copied reviews from other websites(I will be checking).