Ovulation Calculator & Fertility Tracker – Menstrual Calendar to Get Pregnant during Period

Ovulation Calculator & Fertility Tracker – Menstrual Calendar to Get Pregnant during Period

Dmitry Kovba
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  • 2013-11-20
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The app is based on scientific research and helps you identify the optimal days for conception or prevention of pregnancy. Using the date of the last period, the app displays the date of the next period, the optimal days for pregnancy, the day of ovulation, and the days when avoiding pregnancy. 


To generate your ovulation calendar, you should provide the following details:

  • Date of the last period (on the calendar on the main tab).
  • The average length of the periods (on the Settings tab).
  • Length of the Luteal Phase (on Settings tab or use default value).


Scientific Research

The application supports the scientific baby gender prediction method and the method based on Landrum Shettles’ widely-spread theory. However, the application only uses Shettles’ theory as the basis for baby gender prediction. Rodrigo Guerrero’s scientific research and thousands of women’s statistics are the basis for this method. 

You can alter the method for predicting gender on the “Settings” page. However, remember that either prediction method offers only slightly higher chances of having a girl or a boy and guarantees nothing. 


Full Version

  • The probability of getting pregnant on the current or any selected day.
  • The probability of conceiving a girl or a boy using the selected gender prediction method.
  • Chances of getting pregnant during the current period.
  • Chances of conceiving a girl or a boy during the current period.


Final Words

The application is designed to help you make well-informed decisions about when to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy. When it comes to conception, there is a lot of misinformation floating around. 

The app provides the most accurate scientific information about the best time to conceive or prevent. It also uses this information to generate an ovulation calendar.

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