Epic Haiku & Limerick

Epic Haiku & Limerick

Epic Systems Corporation
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  • 2010-01-08
    Release date
  • iOS 15.0 or later
  • FREE

Epic’s Electronic Health Record provides authorized clinical users of Epic’s Electronic Health Record with secure access to clinic schedules, hospital patient lists, health summaries, test results, and notes. In addition, Haiku supports In Basket access. 

Your organization must license Haiku and be on Epic’s 2012 version or higher to determine the specific functionality and applicable fees for using Haiku. If you are unsure whether you may use Haiku, please contact your administrative personnel. 


  • Find patients in the system.
  • Access patient lists
  • Access your outpatient schedule
  • Search the database for patients, not on your list or schedule
  • Review and update patient information
  • Review previous encounters
  • Review patient results, including labs and imaging, and immediately see new or abnormal results.
  • Read and reply to Staff and Results in messages from InBasket
  • Keep current on medications, allergies, immunizations, medical history, or the problem list.
  • View reports about outpatient encounters, including diagnosis and orders
  • View reports on inpatient encounters, including admission notes, vitals, active orders, and discharge.

Easy to learn, Easy to use

With the Physician Quick Start Guide, you can learn to use Haiku just like other apps already on your mobile devices. Many doctors say they require no more than the Guide to get up to speed immediately.

Final thoughts

With Haiku, you can quickly and easily manage your clinic’s workflow. You can order patient tests. You can send lab results to your patients. You can even keep track of the recalls your staff is doing. You can also organize your calendar, manage your staff’s time, and many more.

This electronic health record app is a lot more than just another app. It’s a strategic approach to improving access, efficiency, and coordination of the delivery of healthcare services.

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