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Nowait Guest

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  • 2013-08-30
    Release date
  • iOS 9.0 +
  • 3.1.16
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Even if a restaurant doesn’t accept reservations, you can use Nowait to monitor the wait times for neighboring eateries and add yourself to the waitlist from anywhere.



  • Save time by waiting in line from a private yacht, home, or place of employment.
  • Know how long the wait will be at any nearby restaurant to feel more at ease.
  • By seeing your exact position in line, you’ll feel like a wizard*.
  • Make your family more peaceful by cutting down on waiting times for hungry kids (and adults)
  • You’ll appear to be a VIP when you go right in and take a table in a crowded restaurant without waiting.
  • Use your additional time to go shopping, play soccer, nap, or rate our app for a moment.


Using Nowait, you can avoid the line at many of these well-known restaurants:

  • Chili’s
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • First Watch
  • Texas Roadhouse
  • The Original Pancake House…and thousands more local restaurants near you!



There’s no need to wait in line at a restaurant anymore, thanks to the Nowait Guest app. With this app, you can see how long the wait is at your favorite restaurants and then put your name on the list from anywhere. You’ll get a text when your table is ready so that you can show up right on time—no more waiting an hour to find out that your table is finally ready!

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