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  • 2010-12-01
    Release date
  • iOS 10.0 +
  • 9.99$

MilGPS is an MGRS/USNG-focused premium navigation tool trusted by soldiers, search and rescue personnel, and other professional navigators around the world. View your current location and navigate to a waypoint in seconds. Or plan and organize your navigation using the powerful and intuitive mapping and overlay capabilities.

Display your current location in real-time
– Cell phone signal not required but will make location fixes faster (maps require a data connection)
– Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) & United States National Grid (USNG) (4, 6 8 10 figure grid references supported)
– Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM)
– Latitude/Longitude (degrees, degrees and minutes, degrees minutes seconds supported)
– Ordnance Survey National Grid (grid and easting/northing in meters)
– Military date time groups for local/Zulu time
– All info is displayed in large, clear text for easy viewing at all times
– Location and navigate screens are fully customizable – choose what info you want to see
– Wide variety of datums supported including WGS84, NAD27, OSGB36, AGD66, ED50
– Define up to 3 combinations of datum and location format for location display and waypoint entry

Create and navigate to waypoints
– Unlimited waypoints (upper limit dependent on-device storage and memory)
– Enter waypoints from the current location, map, or using any of the above-supported location formats.
– Live update of distance/bearing as you enter coordinates (sanity check your grids)
– Waypoints are fully editable and can be sorted by distance or name
– “Quick goto” feature for quickly entering grids and navigating to them – accepts shortened MGRS grids.
– Receive an arrival indication as you approach your waypoint
– Import and export waypoints via the standard GPX file format (routes and tracks not currently supported)

– View current location and waypoints on the map, complete with custom smooth scrolling grid overlay (MGRS/USNG/OSNG/UTM)
– Choice of Apple or Google Maps.
– Use the crosshairs to position new waypoints and measure distances/bearings
– Choose from standard/satellite/hybrid/blank map type
– Grid overlay with labels for grid zones, 100km, 10km, 1km, 100m squares
– Map can be set to follow your current location and/or heading.

Other features
– Simple, intuitive interface that can be operated easily with one hand.
– Convert between location formats easily using the add waypoint screen
– Supports degrees/mils for angle, with a choice of true, magnetic, or grid north reference.
– Supports feet/meters for altitude
– Supports imperial/metric/nautical units for distance

Why choose MilGPS over other apps?
– MilGPS is under active development and testing (since 2010)
– MilGPS is painstakingly crafted by an independent developer
– MilGPS emphasizes accuracy, simplicity, ease of use, and stability

Things that aren’t in the app (yet):
– track recording
– offline maps
– ability to create routes of multiple waypoints
– mapping sources other than Apple and Google maps

NOTE: The mapping function requires a data connection. Using GPS will shorten battery life.

MilGPS is an aid to navigation only and is intended to be used in conjunction with other navigation methods and tools.
MilGPS must not be used where relying on MilGPS could result in death, injury, or financial loss. This includes use in military operations, live-firing activities, aviation, and surveying use.
MilGPS is not tested to military specifications and is not endorsed by the military of any nation. MilGPS is not a substitute for military issue equipment.
Your use of MilGPS is governed by the standard App Store Licensed Application End User License Agreement.

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