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VZ Navigator

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  • 2011-02-09
    Release date
  • iOS 8.0 +
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The premium navigation app VZ Navigator offers the most comprehensive, precise, and user-friendly navigation support. You arrive at your location quickly and effectively thanks to improved 3D maps, a simple local search, and natural turn-by-turn voice guiding. Modern features that help you save time and money include Doppler weather radar, petrol pricing, and movie showtimes.


Simple and Adaptive Maps

The map has undergone a complete overhaul focusing on improving the user experience. Every feature has been specifically designed to strike a balance between simplicity and power, from the sophisticated motions and consistent color scheme to the high-fidelity landmarks and transparent 3D structures. Real-time traffic, satellite view, Doppler weather radar, and favorites are some of the customizable map overlays.


Personalized Local Searches

Search has improved and is now more effective than ever. Choosing local attractions to visit is a cinch with TripAdvisor ratings and reviews incorporated into sites of interest. View and easily compare all local stations and prices on the map using our updated gas station search. Our movie search has also been updated to make it simpler to use, whether you’re browsing or looking for a particular movie or theater. You can also add any store brand or place category to your Explore panel, making it easy to find your favorite spots wherever you are with just one swipe.


Streamlined Navigation

Our main objective is to assist you in navigating streets and roads confidently and safely while on your trip. While preparing for maneuvers, Visual & Voice Lane Guidance, and Realistic Highway Signs, make sure you’re always in the right location at the right time. To assist you in turning confidently, Natural Voice Guidance includes references to physical features like stop signs and traffic lights. With real-time traffic incorporated into your route and one-touch access to your forthcoming maneuvers and route summary, our navigation experience has been updated. Utilize our individualized Speed Limits & Alerts to stay safe and perhaps even avoid a ticket.


Other Features

  • Navigation trusted by millions
  • Beat the gridlock with our real-time traffic
  • Single text entry box to search for an address, place, or contact
  • Let others know where you are by “share” your location
  • Easy access on-screen menu for safer use
  • Explicitly designed for HD display devices
  • Add your pictures for your favorite locations



VZ Navigator is a powerful navigation tool that can help you get where you need to go, whether driving or walking. It’s easy to use and packed with features, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable navigation app.

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