iSoccer – Improve Your Skills

iSoccer – Improve Your Skills

iSoccer LLC
  • Paid Sport Apps
  • 2012-02-26
    Release date
  • iOS 9.0 +
  • 0.99$

Do you want to get better at soccer? Then Play iSoccer and turn practice into a game!

– Earn badges and levels by taking soccer challenges
– Receive points for getting higher scores and for practicing at home
– Compete with teammates and friends

For any player who wants to take their game to the next level faster… Get the iSoccer Trainer! It’s the paid section of the app that gives you everything you need to become a better player.

– Log scores on soccer challenges and track your progress
– Compare to average scores based on age and gender as well as college / pro level
– Access Personal Training Videos (recommendations based on your level)

Five Star Reviews

“I love iSoccer. It rewards me for keeping on top of my training and helps me get better.”

“I love how iSoccer gives me motivation and incentive to practice skills and techniques. Ever since I got the app, I have been practicing more and more than I ever have! iSoccer is a fun and positive app to keep players practicing and connect them with their teammates.”

“iSoccer is key to growing your skill. I would give it more than 10 stars if I could.”

“iSoccer is a great app! I use it everyday to help with my soccer training. It is easy to use and has good activities. Thanks iSoccer!”

Love soccer? Play iSoccer and start getting better at soccer today!

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