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  • 2011-03-30
    Release date
  • iOS 4.3 +
  • 4.99$

BowRanger is an exciting new app that allows you to use your iPhone just like an expensive rangefinder! BowRanger utilizes the iPhone’s accelerometer and a little bit of trigonometry to estimate the range. Accuracy is good out to about 60 yards which is great for bow hunters. The range that is calculated is the distance along the ground, which is what a good bow hunter needs to know, regardless of the height of his/her stand.

The app can operate in “Handheld” and “Stealth” modes. Handheld mode functions like a normal rangefinder where the user looks through the viewfinder at the target to determine the range. Stealth mode is used when the iPhone is attached to the bow. In stealth mode, the iPhone becomes a display and the user aims using the sight pins of the bow. The iPhone will display the range in real time, letting the hunter worry about making that important shot count.

A calibration routine is built in to the app to increase the accuracy and to allow for different mounting angles between the iPhone and the bow. Also, Bow Mounts for the iPhone 3G, 3GS, and 4 are available at

Bow Ranger works best from an elevated position over level terrain. Check your local game laws to see if BowRanger can be used legally while hunting. Most importantly, BowRanger was designed by bow hunters who understand that a successful hunt depends on attention to the smallest detail.

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