Gordon Ramsay Cook With Me

Gordon Ramsay Cook With Me

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  • 2010-10-08
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Ever wish you could prepare a meal with Gordon Ramsay in your kitchen? People have been enjoying that experience since the release of his simple-to-use cooking app, Gordon Ramsay Cook With Me. There is no need to pay money to use this mobile app since it is free for iOS and Android mobile devices. 

Does Gordon Ramsay still have a Cooking App?

Recipes from Gordon’s latest book and TV show “Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course” are included in this updated app, which gives home cooks the desire, confidence, and inspiration to start cooking immediately with simple recipes. 

What Recipes are in Gordon Ramsay Cook With Me?

There are 56 high-quality recipe videos accessible through the app, which allow you to prepare the dishes yourself. The app now includes eight free text recipes in addition to the 20 text recipes available for purchase, bringing the total number of recipes to 104. 

Every recipe has the information you need to start cooking right away, and the recipes are detailed and clear, so you know precisely what to do to make delicious meals every time. You can sort the recipes by difficulty, season, ingredient, or how much time you have to prepare them. If you have little time, you could prepare some simple and tasty Lamb Kebabs, or if you have lots of time and want to impress your guests, you might choose to try Beef Wellington, a classic. 

Ten Video Tutorials from Gordon Ramsay

Gordon provides ten video tutorials on how to chop an onion quickly and safely, make your mayonnaise, and more. You can also make your mayonnaise from scratch using only three ingredients. Furthermore, there is an interactive shopping list, and you can also compare your version of the dish with Gordon’s. 


Gordon Ramsay has created a simple recipe app for cooks who prefer to do more than just read a recipe. With just a few minutes of your time, you can whip up some of his most popular dishes, like lamb kebabs, beef wellington, and lemon meringue pie. Gordon provides step-by-step cooking videos in the app.

If you love cooking and are familiar with some ingredients or techniques, this app is a great way to take your cooking to the next level.

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