The Best Math Learning Apps For Adults

Mental math and arithmetics are universal skills that are used by everyone, whether you’re a student or a working professional. It is essential to practice these skills regularly and brush up on your mental math on a daily basis. Doing so can help boost your brain and improve your logic and problem-solving skills.

Math can be boring and time-consuming, but math apps can turn learning into a fun activity that everyone can enjoy. Available on both iOS and Android, these math learning apps often gamify the learning experience and make important concepts easy to understand and practice.

Math learning apps are a great tool if you want to practice your math skills and use your screen time productively. These apps can help you learn new concepts from scratch or revise and practice everyday mental calculations and problems.

Students and adults alike can benefit from using these apps daily, and you can be sure to find a math learning app, no matter your requirements. It can be hard to find the right one for you, so we’ve done the work and compiled a list of the top ten best math learning apps for adults.

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The Best Math Learning App For Adults:

1. Mathway:

mathway icon

Mathway is a smart math calculator for algebra, graphing, calculus, and more, and it is our top pick for you to hone your math skills. To use this app, you can simply point your camera and snap a photo or type your maths homework question into the search bar for detailed step-by-step solutions.

The app is used by millions of users and has a large database of billions of solved problems, so you can be sure to find an answer to your math question. Downloading this app is almost like having a private tutor at your fingertips, providing instant homework help whenever, wherever.

Mathway covers all levels of math and can be used by children, college students, and even adults or professionals. Some of the basic maths and pre-algebra covered include basic arithmetic, integers, fractions, decimal numbers, roots, factors, and more.

Algebra is further covered through linear equations and inequalities, quadratic equations, absolute equations, systems of equations, logarithms, functions, matrices, and graphing. Advanced concepts like trigonometry and precalculus cover trigonometric functions, identities, conic sections, vectors, matrices, complex numbers, sequences and series, and more.

Need more? Well, Mathway also lets college students access millions of solved examples and solutions for calculus and statistics, covering topics like limits, derivatives, integrals, probability, permutations, and combinations. No matter what level you’re at, Mathway has something for you.

Other than algebra and calculus, Mathway also contains thousands of equations and solutions for advanced physics problems. You can also choose how you’d want to approach the problem and get a customized solution for your specific method.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive math learning tool that solves your problems and teaches the solution in a step-by-step manner, look no further. The next time you have math homework or a seemingly unsolvable math problem, just ask Mathway.

mathway interface

Mathway Interface

The Good:  

  • Solves math problems using AI character recognition software, allowing you to take snaps of your written equations to find answers
  • It does not contain ads and is free to use

The Not-so-good: 

  • It contains in-app purchases to unlock all features
  • Some UI features can be confusing at times

Available on: iOS, Android

Other Math Learning App For Adults:

2. Khan Academy:

khan icon 1

What started as a one-man YouTube channel has grown into one of the largest free online education platforms in the world. Just like its web counterpart, the Khan Academy app offers free video lessons and exercises on math, science, languages, and more.

Perfect for students from Class 1-12, this app is our top pick for you to learn math. Khan Academy has videos, exercises, and tests that are aligned with international curriculums. These help your child build a strong conceptual understanding of vital STEM and mathematics concepts.

The app contains over 10,000 videos and practice exercises on math and science and regularly adds fresh content. You can practice and master math through arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, calculus, and more. Science topics like biology, chemistry, and physics are also covered thoroughly.

Khan Academy has streamlined courses that are divided into easy-to-study lessons. This allows you to learn at your own pace and build a strong foundation to do well in both academic as well as professional environments. Interactive practice exercises and unit tests at the end of each lesson also help prepare you for competitive exams.

With over 40,000 interactive practice exercises with instant feedback and step-by-step hints, you can easily glide through important concepts. You also get personalized recommendations on exercises to focus on based on your strengths and weaknesses.

The app lets you keep learning even when you’re offline. A handy bookmark feature lets you select your favorite content for easy access and download it to keep learning even when you’re not connected to the internet.

Teachers can also use the app in a classroom environment to Assign homework and practice. They can also provide content aligned with national curriculums in the form of videos, articles, and exercises across a range of subjects and grades.

Parents and teachers can also track progress and gather insights in real-time. This helps improve weak areas and makes learning math easier for students.

If you need detailed video guides along with hundreds of lectures and solved math problems, look no further. The Khan Academy app is a perfect math-learning companion to help you sharpen your mind and improve your problem-solving skills.

khan interface

Khan Academy Interface

The Good:  

  • It contains thousands of videos followed by practice exercises and regular tests 
  • It does not contain ads and is free to use

The Not-so-good: 

  • Some features are not available directly on the app and must be accessed on the website

Available on: iOS, Android

3. Math Riddles:

math black icon

Math Riddles lets you challenge yourself with complicated math puzzles and games and improve your problem-solving skills through interesting riddles. You can use this app to level up your math IQ with a mix of logical puzzles and riddles.

You can hone your math skills with different levels of math games that stretch the limits of your brain and keep your mental gears spinning. Instead of wasting time on your phone, you can make it productive by solving arithmetic riddles.

Math Riddles helps you unleash your mathematical talent through brain games that are cleverly hidden in geometrical shapes. You can train both parts of your brain by exploring the relationship between the numbers and finding patterns in shapes.

All the puzzles in this app have adjustable difficulty and can be used by both children and adults. These logic puzzles and maths games have different levels that help you improve mental speed and employ your analytical thinking abilities to recognize patterns.

Maths games improve attention and focus with logic puzzles and help you develop memory and perception abilities. This can be a useful tool for students to bolster their math capabilities in school or for anyone who wants to keep their mind sharp through challenging math puzzles.

Math Riddles is free to play and can be played offline without an internet connection. Users can also access hints and answers if they get stuck at any level. This can be done by watching a short ad.

With a clean and simple UI, this app lets you mull over math problems in a stress-free environment without distractions or third-party links. If you’re looking for endless math riddles with over 100 logic puzzles that include geometry, algebra, and other math concepts, try Math Riddles.

math riddles interface

Math Riddles Interface

The Good:  

  • Promotes out-of-the-box thinking through unique math puzzles and riddles 
  • Let’s you access hints and solutions whenever you get stuck on a hard level

The Not-so-good: 

  • It contains ads that cannot be removed via payment 
  • It contains only 100 levels

Available on: iOS, Android

4. IXL:

ixl icon

IXL is a personalized learning app to help you learn math. This app has a large active community of users and is proven to accelerate academic achievement by letting you master different academic skills anytime, anywhere.

IXL’s full curriculum of over 8,000 skills lets college students and professionals alike learn the exact topics they need, whether they’re reviewing past concepts or exploring new territory. Immediate feedback and step-by-step explanations help students work through their mistakes and make lasting progress.

The app can be used by preschoolers all the way up to 12th grade and even contains advanced math topics. Math starts from skip-counting with pictures and goes up to graphing quadratic functions. You can interact with dynamic problem types that bring each concept to life.

This app also helps build strong readers and writers. IXL breaks down each concept from comprehension to composition into highly targeted skills that help students grow at their own pace. All the questions engage students as they learn new math skills and strengthen their problem-solving.

This app provides you with real-time diagnostic pinpoints about your current knowledge level in various math topics. As you answer questions, you’ll also receive personalized recommendations on the best skills to learn next!

Interactive features include drag-and-drop questions, graphing tools, handwriting recognition, and more. Colorful awards highlight your accomplishments and make learning fun!

You can view progress reports on the website and use analytics to tackle any trouble spots. You can always continue learning as question difficulty adapts to challenge you at just the right level and help your math skills grow.

The app lets you practice ten questions each day for free. With a premium subscription, you’ll get access to a fully personalized learning experience with a comprehensive curriculum, meaningful guidance, and progress tracking.

ixl interface img

IXL interface

The Good:

  • Fully fleshed-out curriculum with fun lessons and adaptive difficulty for all ages
  • Provides detailed progress reports and analytics

The Not-so-good:

  • Limited access without a premium monthly subscription

Available on: iOS, Android

5. Microsoft Math Solver:

math solver icon

The Maths Solver app by Microsoft provides you with help with a variety of problems, including arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, and other topics, using an advanced AI-powered maths solver.

To use this powerful math tool, simply write a math problem on the screen or use the camera to snap a maths photo from your notes. Microsoft Maths problem solver instantly recognizes the problem and helps you to solve it with step-by-step explanations, interactive graphs, similar problems from the web, and online video lectures.

If you’re still stuck, you can view the handy resources guide to look up related maths concepts quickly. You can also make use of a feature that lets you look at similar problems to get an intuitive understanding of the solution. You can also use this app to get help with your homework problems and gain confidence in mastering the various arithmetic techniques.

The auto-recognition lets you write a maths equation on screen as you naturally do on paper or scan printed or handwritten maths photos to solve them instantly. It also has an advanced scientific maths calculator to type and edit equations and math symbols. The scan feature also lets you solve math worksheets with multiple problems at once.

Elementary concepts like basic arithmetic, real, complex numbers, LCM, GCD, factors, and Roman numerals are covered. Pre-Algebra includes radicals and exponents, fractions, matrices, determinants, and algebra covers quadratic equations, systems of equations, inequalities, rational expressions, and linear, quadratic, and exponential graphs.

The app also covers word problems on maths concepts, number theory, probability, volume, surface area, and calculus and statistics, including mean, median, mode, standard deviation, permutations, and combinations.

It offers all these features through a simple and intuitive UI that can be used by anyone, whether you’re a student or a working professional. The app is free to download and does not contain any ads. It is also available to a global audience and supports Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and many more languages.

microsoft math solver interface

Microsoft Math Solver interface

The Good:

  • Solves math problems using auto-recognition software, allowing you to take snaps of your written problems to find answers
  • It does not contain ads and is free to download and use

The Not-so-good:

  • Recent updates have added unnecessary features and bloatware that aren’t math related. It still serves its original function but with a lot of non-math tools added to the software

Available on: iOS, Android

6. Maths Puzzles & Brain Riddles:

math puzzles icon

Solving puzzles and riddles allows you to make fast and accurate decisions. Solving mathematical puzzles with Math Puzzles & Brain Riddles improves your analytical thinking and allows you to use both sides of your brain. People of all ages, from children to adults, can enjoy learning and benefit from this app.

All questions in this app contain math tricks with answers, hints, and solutions to help you solve the math riddles. Solving these puzzle games daily also helps improve knowledge, memory, and logic.

Solving math puzzles and riddles can be a fun and engaging way to learn and practice mathematical concepts. In addition to the cognitive benefits, solving math puzzles and riddles can also provide a sense of accomplishment and boost self-confidence.

This app covers logic puzzles that require logical reasoning to solve, mental math challenges that test calculation skills, and word problems that apply mathematical concepts to real-world scenarios. 

You can increase your processing speed, and the brain teasers help you strengthen your memory. The logic games improve mental math calculation and increase your learning speed and comprehension.

With 100 unique and challenging questions, this math puzzle game offers a range of difficulties and special formulas to solve. As you progress through the game, your progress gets recorded, and the adaptive difficulty makes further questions more difficult.

Players can use their analytical skills and logical reasoning to solve the puzzles to find the formulas specific to each question. For added support, the game also offers hints to help players when they get stuck. The questions are thought-provoking and designed to challenge players of all levels.

The app features a simple and user-friendly interface that is easy to use, and players can enjoy hours of engaging and educational gameplay without straining their eyes or attention span.

Overall, this math puzzle app is a great way to improve your mathematical skills and critical thinking abilities. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, this game has something for everyone, so give it a try!

math puzzles interface

Maths Puzzles & Brain Riddles Interface

The Good:

  • It contains math puzzles, games, and riddles for players of all ages
  • It is free to download and use

The Not-so-good:

  • It contains ads and in-app purchases
  • It has 100 levels, but the content is not updated regularly

Available on: iOS, Android

7. Math Games- Brain Training:

math games icon

Math Games is a free logic math puzzle app for adults and kids alike. This app contains a wide range of math brain games to hone your math skills. It also has a vast selection of numeracy games that are ideal for kids who want to take their first steps into the world of math.

Daily algebraic and math exercises help you efficiently develop arithmetic skills. By playing this game regularly, you can train your brain to work faster, all while enjoying the gamified UI this app offers.

Teens and college students can also use this app for productive screentime that feels rewarding and educates them simultaneously. This app can also help supplement middle school and higher education efforts by turning your kid into a deeper thinker who enjoys solving brain puzzles.

The math brain booster games help you develop your mental skills and improve your memory, focus, and mental speed. Each level lets you upgrade the difficulty every time you clear it, allowing the app to adapt as you grow and learn. This means you’ll always be in for a challenge, no matter your level.

The app offers more than 20 exciting math and brain training games, including math riddles, logic games, multiplication games, puzzles, and quizzes. Some of the puzzles even have a duel mode to let you challenge friends and play with them!

If you want to challenge yourself with math brain games of increased difficulty and solve quality math riddles, look no further. Download this app and give your mind a hard arithmetic workout with its wide range of math logic puzzles and multiplication games.

math games interface

Math Games- Brain Training Interface

The Good:

  • It contains a large variety of math games and puzzles suitable for everyone
  • It is free to download and use

The Not-so-good:

  • Android exclusive, not available for iOS
  • Contains ads and in-app purchases
  • It doesn’t have any instructions for the games, which can sometimes get confusing

Available on: Android

8. Mental Math Master:

mental math master icon

Are you fed up with boring math problems like 5+7 or 3×1? If you’re looking for new mathematical challenges that actually test your true problem-solving abilities, give Mental Math Master a try.

This unique mental calculation game exercises your brain with complex and tricky math problems. Mental Math Master promotes mental arithmetic progress and improves your power of concentration. You might be stuck on a particularly tricky problem for hours, but this will help build mental perseverance and improve your critical thinking abilities.

Some of the challenging arithmetics that await you include exponentiation, square roots, logarithms, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, summation, factorials, and equations. By playing through all the levels, you can be sure to improve your math skills.

The rules of each level are simple and clear; just tap the correct result before the timer runs out. You get the point if the result is correct; otherwise, you lose the round. All players try to get 10 points before the timer runs out to win and advance to the next level. You can also compete with other players and collect medals as rewards whenever you progress.

The best part is that the problem gets harder every time by the use of different numbers. This allows for endless hours of scratching your head and trying out different possible solutions for a given problem.

If you’re stuck, you can stop the time by clicking the stop button, but you can only use this ten times per level.

The game is free to download and use and is supported by ads. The UI features a simple design that can be used by anyone. If you’re bored of regular math games and are looking for a fun new way to challenge your mind, give Mental Math Master a try.

mental math master interface

Mental Math Master Interface

The Good:

  • It contains advanced math games and puzzles suitable for those looking for a challenge
  • It is free to download and use and has leaderboards and competitive modes

The Not-so-good:

  • Android exclusive, not available for iOS
  • Contains ads and in-app purchases
  • Quite challenging as you progress, not beginner friendly

Available on: Android

9. Mathigon:

mathigon icon

Mathigon is an interactive learning platform for mathematics and is suitable for all ages. The app features a new content format, combined with an innovative new curriculum which makes learning more personalized and fun.

Dubbing itself the “Textbook of the Future,” Mathigon features highly interactive content that allows students and adults alike to explore and discover new math content actively. Rather than watching a boring video or memorizing monotonous procedures, you can use Mathigon to learn problem-solving, creativity, and curiosity. 

Mathison can seamlessly adapt to different abilities, so you’ll always find a course suitable for your needs. In addition to this, the app also has a virtual personal tutor who provides tailored help and feedback in real-time. Thanks to these features, thousands of students and teachers around the world use this app in classroom environments as well. 

You can learn about topics like prime numbers, polygons and polyhedra, triangles and trigonometry, probability, graph theory, sequences, circles and pi, and more. You can also read up on math theory rather than just solving problems, and this is made even more interesting with high-quality visuals and illustrations.

This mobile app is available for phones and tablets and, once downloaded, can be used offline as well. It is completely free to use and contains no ads.

If you’re looking for a beautifully designed and interactive math resource that provides you with hours of engaging math content, Mathigon is for you.

mathigon interface

Mathigon Interface

The Good:

  • It contains beautifully illustrated graphics to explain simple and complex math concepts at varying levels of difficulty
  • It is free to download and use and doesn’t have any ads or third-party links

The Not-so-good:

  • Higher-level concepts aren’t updated regularly enough.

Available on: Android

10. Photomath:

photomath icon

Whether you’re in college or want to broaden your math knowledge in general, the Photomath app can help you check your homework, study for tests, and learn new math topics with confidence.

Once you upload your questions, the app offers free solutions with detailed steps and explanations. And if that’s not enough, you can subscribe to access Photomath Plus, which lets you use all the app’s features. 

You can learn math with access to a full library of explanations for selected textbooks, including word and geometry problems. With Photomath, you can learn at your own pace with content that has been approved by world-renowned math educators.

This math learning app steps away from the traditional approach of boring memorization and repetition-based learning. Instead, you can learn arithmetic concepts through detailed AI animations and verbal explanations to help you visualize and understand math in a way that’s suited to your learning style.   

You can use Photomath to gain math insights and 

level up your learning by understanding “how” and “why” math problems are solved, or get reminders for forgotten terms and concepts with an embedded math glossary. So whether you’re learning basic arithmetic, or tackling advanced geometry, the app will help you get there.

The app also has free step-by-step explanations, word problem instructions, interactive graphs, video learning, and an advanced scientific calculator. Several math topics are covered by the app, some of which include numbers and quantities with real and complex number operations. Graphs of functions include linear, quadratic, and exponential graphs with properties of functions like domains and asymptotes.

Algebra concepts include simplifying, factoring, and evaluating algebraic expressions. Systems of equations, polynomial division, binomial theorem, factorials, permutations, combinations, matrices, and induction are also covered. Some advanced topics tackled by this app include trigonometry, angles, and calculus, which include limits, derivatives, integrals, conics, differential equations, and tangents.

If you want to learn all these and more through an interactive app with an elegant UI design, give Photomath a try.

photomath interface

Photomath Interface

The Good:

  • Solves questions step-by-step by scanning and recognizing written math problems
  • Available in multiple languages and accessible to a global audience

The Not-so-good:

  • Requires a premium subscription to access all features

Available on: Android