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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. You can find the traffic details, banner placement, etc at the bottom of this page.

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Gold Package = 125×125 – $50 USD per month
This is for the ‘featured app’ widget in the left sidebar of the website. This is the premiere spot for advertising your application to readers who are actively looking for new apps to download. It is located above the fold(when viewed on the desktop) and since it is on the left side of the website, it is the most looked at spot on the desktop website. This banner spot is shown with every single page view of AppStoreApps.com and it will offer the best return on your investment.

Silver Package = 125×125 – $25 USD per month
This is for the area right below the ‘latest apps’ column on the front page, which is above the fold(when viewed on the desktop) as well. This ad zone also appears at the top of the review/description of each app review and app sale that gets posted here at AppStoreApps.com. With your ad at the top of the meat of the content here, it will be one of the first things a visitor sees when they are looking for new apps to download.

Bronze Package = 125×125 – $15 USD per month
This is for the at the bottom of almost every page on the website. This means that your banner will appear at the bottom of the front page, the bottom of reviews, the bottom of app sale pages too. This is a nice place because it gets shown on every single page view, but it is cheaper than the rest since the reader has to scroll down in order to see it.

In the Media

Advertise your application(or product) in front of thousands of iPhone and iPod Touch owners. AppStoreApps.com has been featured on websites like Reddit.com, TechCrunch.com, Digg.com, Gizmodo.com. TechRadar.com,  TUAW.com,  ZDNet.com,  Linux.com,  InsideCRM,  Haklab.com, and PaloAltoOnline.com. Developers, you can’t ask for a website that targets your niche more. AppStoreApps.com is responsible for over $10,000 in iPhone App Store Application sales($10k last month, $15k this month).

Developers have advertised the following applications here at AppStoreApps.com(and lots have come back month after month). . .ANT, Good Luck, Fit Phone, Snatcher, Amber Tiles, Voice Changer, Atomic Watch, Contact Clone, Dynamate, Sumcession, My Data, Private Island, The Stone of Destiny, Cool Reversi, Xmas in Space, AdvenFun, Adrenaline Accelerator, Snowdome, Guide.me, Liquid, uClean, JobCompass, Low Grav Racer, uShave, WordsWorth, Baseball Superstar 2009, Attack of the Killer Bugs, Next Read, 100 Sounds, iRec, and Wifi Disk. . .etc(this list goes on and on)


Developers say. . .

“I looked at the numbers and compared AppStoreApps.com to all the other sites and, yours was by *far* was the most effective.”

“With so many websites trying to overcharge for advertising space, it was nice to see App Store Apps maintaining a reasonable pricing structure.”

“Thank you for offering such a beneficial service to iOS application developers like myself.