Nova Launcher Prime Apk v8.0.8 Free Download

Do you want to download the latest version of the Nova Launcher Prime Apk? Yes, you can get the newest version from this post and start enjoying those amazing attributes without wasting your time.

Android software skin offers numerous features, functions, filters, and widget options to customize the user interface according to your requirements. However, many people have noticed that the overall customization features aren’t that appealing since they are rendering the same old configuration without any particular changes.

In that case, moving toward the third-party launcher application to give a personalized user interface experience would be a better choice. With them, you will attain lots of interesting things that are basically unattainable with the regular Android interface. For example, additional icon packs, gestures, cleaning, and so much software support.

Yet if you are looking for something different and out of the box, you should consider the Nova Launcher app since it grants tons of exciting perks to modify the home screen setup according to your wish.

About the Nova Launcher

If you desire to adjust the regular settings of your phone’s interface, going with this Nova launcher is a splendid option. It will grant robust and versatile functions that will replace your ordinary home screen with a completely different one in just a few clicks. Moreover, the app will render a wide range of theme options that support users thoroughly during usage.

On top of that, you can even get the latest features of the Android launcher, while there’s a big library to choose custom theme icons and it also supports the dark mode properly. Although, it’s a freemium app so there is no chance that you won’t notice bugs in the background while the launcher is working behind the scenes.

Usually, when you are using the launcher apps, you are adding a layer of customization that will provide subtle support and sync with the system properly so that you can enjoy using your favorite apps without any hassle. Aside from this, it got a pretty similar functioning as the Apex Launcher, except this app will provide better support.

Requirements For Nova Launcher Prime Apk

The Nova Launcher Prime is the premium version, which brings some cool features under the hood. It unlocks numerous gesture functions that will increase mobility while using the interaction according to your needs. Following this, they also got some classic functions.

But what makes this application even more special would be the simple and elegant perks that make this application stand out from the rest of the options offered on the Google Play store. But before you start downloading this app, read the requirements first.

  • You will need the Android 8.0 or above version to freely work with this app.
  • Get the latest version so that you can avoid bugs and issues completely.
  • The users need to purchase the paid version to explore new gesture options.
  • The app will require the permission of location, phone, storage, and media.

Download the Nova Launcher Prime

The Nova Launcher app is a brilliant solution if you want to customize the phone’s home screen with a personalized icon package and at the same time, receive mixed options to change the interface layout. It’s a decent option for those people who are bored with the standard Android ecosystem configuration.

On the same note, you can download the newest version to obtain those exciting perks free of cost. But, you don’t have to worry about anything since the app will perform all of the important modifications on its own. Just simply download and install it like any third party from the following section.

Astounding Features

There are several attributes that the users can explore once they downloaded this launcher application on their Android phone. It will provide versatile characteristics that you might not have seen in any other app so far. Therefore, let’s dive into the features section.

Enhance Customization App Drawer

There are various elements inside the app drawer, you can modify the app from vertical to horizontal scroll. On top of that, you can utilize different types of page effects, and use immersive cards to enjoy the apps with no issues.

Wide range of custom icon themes

One of the most annoying reasons why people want to use the Nova Launcher app would be 1000+ icon theme options. Through this app, the users can easily install the icon packages and set them as the default icons to change the home screen to their preference.

Support Dark Mode

Using dark mode or night mode can be beneficial to the users since it will optimize the battery life to a certain extent. With these features, you can easily set the timer to activate the night mode according to your needs. Yet, it recommends leaving the dark theme as it is because it will increase the battery performance in the long run.

Highly optimized

Unlike many third-party launcher apps, this application doesn’t stop working and provides smooth usage that will boost the overall experience. However, the UI is thoroughly optimized so that you won’t face any problems with animation and multitasking even if you are using an older phone. The results are faster and smoother than before.

Gesture Commands

The users can execute commands according to their needs, while the app does support the standard swipe, pinch, double tap, and many more gestures on the home screen. But, you can customize those gesture commands for particular tasks by changing the launcher settings.

Hide Apps

The Nova Launcher Prime arrives with an additional perk to hide apps that you don’t want to show anyone. Besides this, you can also add apps directly from the locker without needing to uninstall the app in the first place. Moreover, it works pretty great if you want to use multiple social media accounts.

Final Thoughts:

That’s all you need to know about the Nova Launcher application, while there’s no problem exploring the paid version if you want to get more add-ons and gesture features inside the launcher. It would be quite helpful when you are multitasking any work. Overall, you should try out this APK’s latest version to attain cool and appealing attributes.