Download LightX Pro APK v2.2.0 [Premium Unlocked]

Photo editing is an incomplete art without the artist, while at the same time, you won’t get creative results, just by dragging and dropping different elements. You will need the LightX Pro APK to unlock those fantastic attributes.

For starters, we all know that the regular native camera apps aren’t that good when it comes to bringing decent colors, and crisp details. However, those factors can manage through improved AI software to a certain extent. But, you can’t do anything about getting more filters and professionally editing images.

In that case, the users will need to find an alternative option that will provide those missing pieces of the puzzles. Besides this, numerous options will grant various customization features to modify the camera results. So, you will need the LightX Pro app that will thoroughly assist you with a wide array of features.

With them, you can do lots of fun things without any problems. So, let’s begin the review of this app so that you can start enjoying editing your photos before sharing them on social media platforms.

Why Choose LightX Pro APK?

The LightX Pro is a complete package for professional photo editing. You are not limited by the standard filter options, there are tons of interesting things that you can explore with this application. From the standard frame features to amazing stickers to customization of the overall image quality. Besides this, you can further gain exciting photo editing attributes

Aside from this, the user can easily utilize the free picture editing functions to create collages, add cutouts, and even remove the background with different blur effects. On top of that, you can change the background with something funny and generate memes to have fun with your friends. Besides this, it’s one of the best photo editing too that comes with superb lighting effects and features.

Not to forget, you can download this application to start enjoying those impressive picture editing perks on your smartphone. Simply click photos and improve different aspects in just a few clicks.

Download the latest version of the Light Pro APK

The LightX Photo Editor and Effects app is one of the best options that you can use for enhancing photo quality to an entirely different league in just a few clicks. But at the same time, you will notice several ads and limited feature options if you are using the free version. The developers provide a premium version that will remove ads and grant access to additional themes, filters, and easier editing options.

However, we are providing the Pro version that will render those exciting features to you, so don’t waste your time and get this application from the following section and start using those amazing features without any hassle.

Features of LightX Pro APK

There are various attributes that the users can explore after installing this fascinating photo editing tool. Apart from the traditional tools, features, and effects, you will find numerous different things that possibly don’t appear on any other application. So, without any further delay, let’s dive into the features section.

Special Picutre editor

There aren’t many editing tools that will provide you with additional cut-out and photo background remover features. With this app, you will obtain exclusive lasso tools that will smoothly recognize the photo’s background and attach the same value colors so that you can’t face any problem removing any item from the background. Moreover, you will also obtain superimpose characteristics that will add new elements to the cutout area without any problem.

Color Splash Photo Effects

This app might not have those cool and aesthetic attributes to change the background tone. But one thing is to confirm that the users can apply various effects on different regions of the picture in a pretty skillful manner. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that the Smart Lasso detects similar color splash regions and provides a completely different image.

Merge different photos

Adding two photos in one could be troublesome if you don’t see them in special layers, while this app makes the merge process simple with its appealing blending modes. With them, you can even blend colors according to your choice, and add double exposure to enhance the photo effect.

Profession editing tools

If you are looking for proper editing tools, you can check out the home screen where you can smoothly adjust the color balance, remove other elements, change curves, add contrast, and perform a wide range of things for editing your photos. Plus, you can even use the camera app offered by the LightX Pro APK to adjust sharpness, add filters, remove marks and pimples, change hair colors, whiten teeth, and so on.

Range of photos Filters

You won’t face any problem using different filter options from Vintage to Retro, and from Glowing to Blur effect. Give the artistic touch with those add-ons of the filters and paint the photos according to your desires and preference.

Photo Frames and Collages

There is a wide range of colleges and frame options available inside the app, which will increase quality of the photos and gives more layouts with a variety of temples that you can choose without any hassle.

Precise Shape manipulation

If you want to refine the overall looks, you can use the shape manipulation tool and reshape tool that will give your various interesting cartoonish effects.

Doodling and Text option

You can use brush features to draw anything on the photos, while at the same time, you can choose color, thickness, and brush size according to your requirement. If you don’t want to draw something, you can simply use add text feature.

Final Thoughts

Get complete delight from this fascinating LightX Pro by unlocking those magnificent and professional photo editing tools. Nevertheless, use your creativity and innovation to create something different with those amazing filters, effects, and photo editing modes. Now, what are you waiting for, start your photo editor journey without any delay!