Fly Attack: 2035 Promo Codes

Fly Attack: 2035 App Game Description

It’s the year 2035. An evil type of mutated fly is taking over the world. Armed with a special type of gas, the insects are transforming humans into flies. Humans are hiding and those who dare to leave their shelters are forced to face these intelligent and evil creatures instantly.

Your hiding place is compromised and is no longer safe – you are forced to run out into the deserted streets of Dank City. Keep on running! The flies are closing in on you!

Tap the screen to jump over obstacles and make sure to collect new gas masks as you are running away from the flies. There is no room for error. Any wrong move will have terrible consequences.

Let’s see how far you get before the cloud of insects gets you. You are competing against players from all over the world.

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