Best Apps for Seniors

We all want what’s best for our families or relatives who are in the age over 60s.

We want to help them to have the convenience of adapting to our fast-changing world, and have the care and support that they need.

Luckily, we have a list of apps for seniors that will help them keep track of their medicine schedules, retirement plans, reach out for medical care online, and even mingle with other seniors.

Check out below the best apps for seniors and the experience of people who have tried or used the app.

Medicine Reminder

Medisafe Medication Management

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Why We Love It: Even while your device is asleep, this app will remind you to take your meds. It also serves as a reminder to place another prescription order. Downloading and using Medisafe Medication Management is free, and a premium edition with more features is available for $4.99 per month or $39.99 per year.

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Secured Messaging and Free Call

WhatsApp Messenger

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Why We Enjoy It: WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging service that lets you communicate with loved ones via the Internet. This helps you avoid using your smartphone’s data plan for calls, which is helpful if you’re corresponding with folks abroad. With this free software, you may send and receive messages, as well as share images, videos, and documents.

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Net Worth and Investment Tracker

Personal Capital

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Personal Capital stands out among other financial tracking tools as an excellent choice for long-term saving and investing, especially for retirement. This program provides easy-to understand visualizations and estimates to make the process of financial planning less intimidating. You may use it to see how your retirement plans are shaping out now, and you can even try out some alternative scenarios.

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Pharmacy Savings App


Prescription Prices, Coupons & Pharmacy Information - GoodRx

The high price of certain drugs is a factor in why some seniors do not take them as directed. You may use GoodRx to look for medicine discounts and price comparisons across many pharmacies. The app may notify you when it’s time to reorder a drug and when the price of that medication reduces. You don’t need to download a separate app if you use Medisafe to manage your medications since you already have access to savings assistance provided by GoodRx.

Patrick Johnson – C&H Essentials

Social Networking Platform


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One app I would recommend for seniors is Facebook. I am very aware of social media usage, however, it’s hard to keep up with them all, so I use Facebook a lot because it is pretty easy to use and also multipurpose. I keep up with what’s going on with colleagues I don’t even talk to that much.”

Pros: “It is great for keeping in touch with loved ones, making new friends, learning things online, keeping up with the latest happenings, socializing, and selling and buying stuff online.”

Cons: “The cons are that scammers are plenty and if you’re not careful or informed, you may fall victim to these scams. Also, if you’re not used to the app, depending on your ability to learn, it would take some getting used to, and there are some features you may not end up using.

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Brain Training Program


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I believe, that Lumosity is one of the most popular game apps for older people, and it includes more than 50 different brain training tasks. Your memory, attentiveness, and processing speed are all things that the software hopes to assist you in improving. You will have to finish a screening that lasts for 10 minutes before the app customizes a variety of brain-challenging activities to meet your requirements. Lumosity will provide your performance statistics and demonstrate how much you have improved over time. Lumosity is one of the best apps now available for older people to use on tablets.

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Online Movie and TV Show Streaming


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I would say, that You’re in luck if you live far away from your loved ones but still want to get together for a movie night. Hulu provides choices beyond streaming. The Watch Party feature of Hulu lets you and your friends or family simultaneously view movies or television shows from hundreds of miles apart. Utilize the group chats to discuss the on-screen activity. With certain Unlimited plans, consumers can access the hundreds of movies and television series available on Hulu, Disney +, and ESPN for free for six months.

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Word Games and Brain Training


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Why We Love It: Through a variety of entertaining games and activities for all ages, the Elevate app combines cognitive learning techniques based on scientific studies and neuroscience to increase memory, comprehension, focus, and processing. Some basic aspects of Elevate can be used and downloaded for free; a premium edition with more capabilities costs $4.99/month or $39.99/year. Check out their free 14-day trial if you want to try before you buy.

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Budget Tracker and Planner


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Budgeting is essential if you’re retired and relying on a fixed income. Making use of a budgeting program like Mint is among the greatest ways to achieve this.”

Pros: “With Mint, you can keep an eye on all of your investments, credit cards, bank accounts, and invoices in one location. According to your spending patterns and saves, it can also assist you in creating a budget for your weekly or monthly expenses by making recommendations on where to make savings. For instance, using Mint, I was able to observe that takeaways and restaurants accounted for the majority of the previous month’s expenses, indicating that I might reduce this category of spending.

Available for free on iOS and Android

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Telecare Tool for Caregivers

Oscar Senior

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Oscar Senior is a communication app with a simple user interface that can be used to keep an eye on older people.

The goal of this app is to make it as easy as possible for seniors to use so they can stay in touch with their loved ones without any trouble.”

Pros: “The app has features like One-touch video call, auto-answer, internet access, fun games, etc.

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Health and Fitness Tracker

Google Fit

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Google Fit, which works with the World Health Organization (WHO), can keep track of what you do and suggest fitness goals.”

Pros: “You can also keep track of your daily activities, like working out, going for walks, or biking. The app can also work with other apps like MyFitnessPal, Xiaomi Mi bands, and so on

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Games, Activities, and Meditation App


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The app that I recommend to the elderly people in my life is Happify. It’s great for seniors who may be experiencing unhappiness in their life. The objective of using the app is to help improve your overall happiness.

Pros: Happify has a free version which gives you access to meditations, games, and learning tracks. This is great when you have elderly friends who aren’t sure they are ready to commit to purchasing a subscription. I would also recommend they find out if their insurance covers a premium subscription, as some do!

There are games on the app, which can help cure boredom and give an elderly person a nice boost of happiness in their day.

Cons: One of the downsides of Happify is the glitches; the app can be slow to load and crashes from time to time. It’s also a much better user experience if you are an iOS user. Lastly, if you do get the app through your insurance it can be a nightmare to sign up.

Crystal King – Planetarie

Instant Messaging App

Facebook Messenger

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Facebook Messenger is by far the best app for seniors. Most seniors have a Facebook account, even if they don’t use it. But this is okay, because you don’t need to use Facebook to use the messaging app as it is its own platform.”

Pros: “This app will allow seniors to connect with family and friends simply by opening it and finding the person they want to talk to. This app also has the ability to video chat with people as well, making it an all in one app.

Facebook Messenger is also very easy to use, and can connect seniors with anyone near or far. Communication is an important part of maintaining relationships which this app can help with. Especially for seniors who might live far away from family, this app can instantly connect them and they don’t have to worry about any fees from occurring because of lengthy long distance phone calls.

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Social Platform for Older Adults

Evergreen Club app

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I have been using the Evergreen Club app for a while now and I love it! It is my favourite app for the elderly.

Overall, I would highly recommend this app to anyone looking for a great app for the elderly.”

Pros: “The pros of the app are that it is very easy to use, and it conducts online sessions of yoga, meditation, and cuisine. These are free of cost.”

Cons: “The cons of the app are that it is not available in all countries, and it does not have a lot of reviews.

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GPS Phone Locator and Tracker


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I highly recommend Life360 for seniors. This app provides GPS monitoring and other security and safety features, and can be a great option for giving family and caretakers some peace of mind.

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Photo and Video Storage

Google Photos

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I love downloading Google Photos for every grandma and grandpa. It’s the perfect app to keep them in the loop with what’s going on in their grandkid’s lives. With nearly unlimited photo storage, and shared albums, they get automatic updates whenever I add photos to know what is going on with our family.

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Medication Reminder


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The app serves as a reminder for the user to take their medication at the times they’ve set for themselves. The app lets seniors customize their medication by type and color and shows them a visual representation of which pill is due when and at what time each day. You can use Pillboxie on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Pros: “Push notifications to remind users when to take their medications

Cons: “No dosage information is provided in the app.”

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Audio Book Entertainment


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Audiobooks are a great alternative to printed books for seniors who may experience discomfort when holding a book due to arthritis or vision issues. The quality of audiobooks has never been higher, with excellent narration provided by voice actors or the authors themselves. The most extensive collection of audiobooks is offered by Audible. Although you must purchase a subscription to access the books, the download is free. Make sure to utilize this 30-day free trial period since Audible also provides afree trial period!”

Pros: “When you’re busy but still want to read, Audible is practical.

Cons: “They start automatically charging after the free trial period.

Brian Jones –  Best in Edmonton