Best Apps for Music Streaming

Whether you’re at work, on a road trip with your friends, doing your daily jog or walk, having a party, or even just relaxing at home, listening to your favorite songs has never been easier.

If you are looking for a place where you can create your own playlist freely or listen to the best podcast, we’ve got a list of apps for you.

These lists of apps include the best features we could get for music streaming, from ad-free to customizable playlists.

Check out below the best apps for music streaming and the experience of people who have tried or used the app.

Song Identifier


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Shazam is a music streaming app that is not as popular as its competitors. However, upon learning about its existence and trying it for a week, I have been enamored with this application because of its number of benefits. The primary reason why I love this music streaming app is that I am someone who easily forgets the title of the music. Further, I can also be easily hooked up with a song even just randomly hearing it somewhere, I immediately generate the Last Song Syndrome (LSS) for that music.”

Pros: “Shazam can conveniently determine the song based on the tune and other minimal details I provide through its reverse audio search capability.

Rajesh Namase – TechRT

Music and Podcasts Streaming App


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Spotify has to be my favorite music app. Spotify has its focus on turning into a hub for all audio content. On the app, you can find the latest albums, song releases, and podcasts. Also, it has a cool feature called Discovery Weekly, which lets you find new music, so you get to explore different artists and develop your music tastes.

The reason I use Spotify is to listen to music from my favorite artists and podcasts. It has podcasts of some of the popular people talking about various things.

Pros: “Download music and podcasts offline.

Cons: “Spotify’s free version has too many ads.

Sudhir Khatwani – The Money Mongers

Music, Audio, and Video Streaming App

Apple Music

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Apple Music has a vast library of songs and artists to choose from. It’s also very user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Mark Joseph – ParentalQueries

Music and Video Streaming App


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Earlier this year I started using Tidal. An important reason to switch was the fact that they pay much more per stream to musicians. A lot more in fact: their payout per stream is 3 to 5 times higher than Spotify! Other than that, the audio quality is excellent. On a normal subscription (at $10 a month), you can select lossless CD quality. I listen to music while I work, and the higher sound quality makes a real difference in how tired I am after many hours with headphones on. I’ve also found the music recommendation engine to be excellent.”

Pros: “Whereas other apps will constantly mix in songs you already listen to regularly, Tidal will keep playing tracks you’ve never heard of. Perfect for music lovers who enjoy discovering new music.”

Cons: “I know exactly one person who also uses Tidal. So it’s hard to share songs or playlists with friends.

Just Rijna – StringKick

Music and Podcast Streaming App

Pandora Radio

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The best music streaming apps offer a great way to listen to your favorite tunes on the go. One of my favorites is *Pandora Radio*.

Pandora Radio allows you to listen to your favorite songs and create custom radio stations. It is one of the most popular music streaming apps and is available for both iOS and Android devices.”

Pros: “First, it has a large selection of songs and artists. You can find almost any song you want to listen to on Pandora Radio. Second, the app is very user-friendly. It is easy to create custom radio stations and add new songs to your stations. Third, Pandora Radio is a free app. You can listen to your favorite songs without having to pay for a subscription.

Gideon Waxman – Strong Sounds

Music Streaming App

YouTube Music

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My favorite music streaming app is YouTube Music. It’s simple and easy to use and the free version gives you total access to the entire music library.

Combined with the ability to upload my own music library it’s definitely my number one music streaming app.”

Pros: “You can skip ads after 5 seconds unlike other streaming apps, and get unlimited song skipping. And what sets it apart from its competitors is you can choose to watch the music videos or just listen to the tracks you want.

On top of that it has a feature that no other streaming apps have – the ability to upload and store your own music.”

Cons: “It’s not all positive though. Playback is limited to 128kbps on the free plan, which isn’t great quality, and 256kbps on the premium version. This is lower than most of the competition. Also on the mobile app you have to keep the app open when streaming music, you can’t start it playing and then move to another app (although you can if you’re streaming your own uploaded tracks).

But for me, the drawbacks are annoying but not dealbreakers. It’s simple, lets you skip as many tracks as you want, and has less annoying ads.

Andy Fraser – Guitar Inside Out