XODO PDF Reader & Editor

XODO PDF Reader & Editor

Xodo Technologies Inc.
  • Jan 20, 2014
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  • 5.0 and up
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When working with digital documents, Xodo is a safe and dependable all-in-one PDF solution that helps you complete more work while you’re on the road. Complete important work as rapidly as you can while using the fewest resources. Xodo is a fully functional PDF scanner, reader, and editor that is optimized for tablets and smartphones.

Tools for PDF Conversion:

Use Xodo as a PDF converter to convert photos and other digital documents into PDF, or convert PDF to MS Office.

  • Convert PDF to Word (PRO), Excel (PRO), PowerPoint (PRO), JPG, PDF/A
  • Convert Word (PRO), Excel (PRO), PowerPoint (PRO), JPG, PDF/A to PDF

Tools for PDF editors:

Effortlessly modify PDF files with advanced editing tools.

  • Apply the Compression tool to quickly compress PDF files.
  • Optimize PDF pages for content on mobile devices by cropping them.
  • A simple tool for adding, removing, rearranging, and rotating PDF pages
  • Merge PDFs to quickly and conveniently integrate several documents into one PDF.
  • Extract pages from a PDF file to create a new one or split it right away
  • Remove any layers from your document by flattening the PDF
  • Using the PDF Redaction tool, delete sensitive content (PRO)
  • Edit PDF outlines (PRO)

A PDF viewer and reader:

If your books are in PDF format, Xodo can be used as an efficient e-reader.

  • Make a note of particular PDF pages for later use.
  • For comfortable PDF viewing in dim lighting, use dark mode.
  • To rapidly navigate between various PDF documents, use tabs.
  • The PDF text in the reflow reading mode is displayed at the size you specify.
  • Printing
  • Split-screen and fullscreen modes
  • Continuous vertical scrolling when reading in the single page, two pages, and cover page modes
  • Full-text search with a browsable, in-depth list of results, page rotation, and high zoom levels.

Draw and Annotate PDFs:

Use the customizable annotation and markup tools in Xodo.

  • Direct drawing and typing on MS Office and PDF files
  • Underline, strikeout, and highlight text
  • Add more symbols, such as arrows and circles.
  • The annotation summary provides a quick view of all annotations, and all you need to do to get there is tap one.
  • Using two fingers, scroll and navigate pages while annotating
  • S Pen and additional styluses are optimized
  • Advanced annotation filtering (PRO)
  • Thumbnail browser for adding blank pages, moving pages around, and removing pages

Fill Out & Sign PDF Forms:

PDF forms can be filled out and signed, shared with others, and synced with Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

  • Manually or electronically sign a PDF, then store it for future use.
  • Complete PDF forms, save them, then send them.

PDF scanner:

Scan your academic, professional, and other papers quickly and easily from any location.

  • Create a new PDF by using your camera to scan a page or by opening an existing image (jpg, gif, png)
  • Produce fresh, empty PDFs and make notes.

Protected PDF:

Password-protect your sensitive PDFs or delete them to access your files.

  • Encrypt your PDF files using a password.
  • Use the PDF password remover tool to unlock your protected PDF.

File Management & Storage:

You’ll always have access to and be able to find your important Office and PDF files.

  • Use the integrated file manager to rename, duplicate, move, or remove documents and folders.
  • It’s easy to view recent files, and they’ll open to the most recent page seen by default.
  • The Grid view provides quick access to file information and thumbnail PDF previews.

Xodo Pro Membership:

With Xodo’s premium version, you can enhance your document experience:

  • In supported regions, a free trial is offered.
  • Access to all PRO tools and features
  • Unlimited options (2 daily free actions on the Free plan)
  • Utilize Xodo on all platforms, including desktop, mobile, and web.
  • Subscription plans with monthly and yearly fees


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