Where is my Train

Where is my Train

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Live train status and up-to-date schedules are displayed on “Where are My Train.” 

This app can operate without the internet or GPS. It includes destination alarms and speedometers, among other things. This is the most popular travel app in India.

Spotting Train Accurately

Live train status information for Indian Railways is available anytime and anywhere. This feature can be used without the internet or GPS as cell tower information is used to determine the location. You may notify your friends and family about your location on the train via the share function. You may also set the alarm to wake you up before your railway station arrives. 

Offline Train Schedules

With our Smart search feature, you can use train source and destination or partial train names, even if there are spelling mistakes, to find the Indian Railways timetable. 

Coach Layout and Platform numbers

Before boarding the train, find out about the coach position and seat/berth layout. Wherever platform numbers are available, they are also shown.

Super efficient in Battery, Data Usage, and App size

Finding train locations and schedules can work offline without Internet or GPS in an efficient battery and data use the app. Despite having a lot of information, this app is relatively small. 


    • Find information on trains running between 2 stations, including fare and real-time seat availability.
    • Get PNR status, and receive automatic status updates and travel reminders.
    • Set the alarm for your destination station
    • Get train schedules, coaches, pantry, catering, and platform information.
    • Express book tickets
    • Get accurate live train status
    • Order food on your journey
    • Get all the latest Indian Railways news


This Train App is a real-time train status display app that can show you live running train status, train timetable, station info, and seat availability on both the lines of Indian Railways. You just need to enter your 10-digit PNR number and get the information related to your train booking & PNR status.

The App features a unique berth & seat calculator that will show you the seat cost, berths available, and how many berths remain with the train.

The data displayed by this app is collected from all the railway ministry train stations across India. The data displayed will be real-time and can vary from minute to minute.

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