TradingView: Track All Markets

TradingView: Track All Markets

TradingView, Inc.
  • Nov 14, 2018
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  • iOS 14.0 or later
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We are essentially the hub for global market trading, conversation, and charting. We have a social network with over 30 million users, and our supercharged super charts help traders make smarter, more informed decisions. Download our app to get free charts, notifications, sophisticated watchlists, and much more. You can also chat with other traders about the newest trends. Here is the whole feature set:

Global Top Charts

Charts provide information and are a trader’s rite of passage. Ours is used by millions of people for free to help them make smarter market decisions. Our charts perform better than several desktop trading programs and are compatible with all devices. Search options include equities, currencies, cryptocurrencies, futures, CFDs, and more. You can evaluate price action using a variety of graphing tools (such as Gann Fans and Elliott Waves) and technical indicators.

List the most important things to watch

Our completely configurable watchlists allow you to keep track of all your favorite stocks and currency pairs. Use them to see current price updates and to stay abreast of market movements wherever you are.


Access real-time market information from US, European, Russian, and Asian exchanges. You get access to a huge number of financial symbols from over 90 exchanges. If your hobbies aren’t incredibly specialized, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Never ever conduct business alone

Participate in the largest social trading and investing network to express your creativity in the global markets. Start establishing your following right away with the thousands of concepts and live streams that are published every day, as well as the nearly limitless flexibility to modify and broadcast your opinion.

Always at your service

You will always have access to the financial world, around the clock, thanks to our safe and dependable cloud-based infrastructure. Never again experience an unexpected outage during a key business period.

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