Stone Identifier Rock Scanner

Stone Identifier Rock Scanner

Identifier Studio
  • Sep 18, 2021
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  • 8.0 and up
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The Stone Identifier Rock Scanner Rock ID App has made rock identification simpler. Stone Identifier Rock Scanner can identify your rock in a matter of seconds with the help of a picture you take or an image you upload, including a gemstone identification tool.

Search for various crystals using the many filters to focus your search. Find crystals by using the image gallery with the rock identification tool Crystal identifier. Identify rocks, minerals, and gemstones, as well as learn about the wonder of crystals using this app.

Additionally, you can use a wishlist to assemble your collection and instantly access them by utilizing the filters to only display items you already possess.

It would be difficult to represent every variant because crystals come in a huge variety of colors and shapes. We sincerely hope you like the exquisite pieces of art we’ve produced and that our app is useful to you. This is not a complete and fixed list of crystals; in order to make this program as useful as possible, we are constantly working to update, and expand it.


  1. Use the rock identifier Crystal identifier to recognize a variety of rocks.
  2. A few seconds are all it takes for a rock to be identified using a crystal identifier.
  3. An outstanding level of photo identification accuracy.
  4. Rich educational resource on rocks that includes a rock and crystal identifier.
  5. extremely user-friendly and well-designed interface.
  6. Make notes about your geological findings and use the app to create your own rock collection.
  7. Added new information and tools for learning about geology, including a crystal identification tool.
  8. Rock collection allows you to quickly start your own collection.

The rock recognizer provides assistance and education on the simplest and most thorough stone, whether you’re a geologist, mineral researcher, enthusiast, student, teacher, or simply want to know more about rocks.


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