Speak & Translate: Translator

Speak & Translate: Translator

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  • 2014-02-01
    Release date
  • iOS 8.0 +
  • 19.99$

The fast translate and dictionary apps are specifically designed for fast talking and translating. This translator can help you convert from any language to your desired output language. You can also type and translate, in addition to the voice-to-voice translation. This voice-to-text dictionary and interpreter can assist you in solving all your language and interpretation issues. 


Conversation Translator

Using this app, two persons can converse on the same device in different languages. Click on the mics to do verbal translations. This isn’t a simple voice translator but a complete voice translation solution. 



  • Two mics for different languages voice input to text translation.
  • Speech translation and dictionary search can be done correctly with voice recognition. 
  • Voice dictionary to search words and their full detail
  • Save translation history like chat or conversation
  • Favorite module for users to mark exact “voice and text translations.”
  • All these languages are involved in text-to-text & voice-to-text modes
  • Text-to-speech purpose of the Translated text by voice typing
  • Talk to translate by just tapping on mics
  • Edit your translations and copy or share
  • 100+ languages working in speech-to-speech
  • Copy, Paste, and Share translations in a single tap
  • Works with any social media app that supports text sharing
  • OCR with an image Text translator
  • Text Translators for significant major languages were introduced.
  • Text & Voice Translator with Dictionary


Text input translator

It is also possible to use a talking translator for text input. In such situations, you may not want to speak but instead wish to translate, which is why text input is provided. For example, if you talk about something and receive unwanted results, you may edit the text input and change the voice. 


Travel translator

This app can be used anywhere worldwide because it is a multilingual translator. Never worry about language barriers again; use this app to translate voice to voice (voice to voice translator). You can speak in your native language and have it translated into another language, or you can solve another person’s voice in your native language. 


Final thoughts

The translators in this app not only help you deal with language barriers. They also help you learn a new language. You can use these translators to help you improve your foreign language skills, helping you with your career or future studies. The best part is that all of these free apps are perfect for beginning users and advanced learners.

You can seamlessly integrate your language learning into your life and make it fun. 

For example, if you travel a lot and recognize that you need a better understanding of the local language, you can use a conversational translator to learn it.

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