Spanish School Bus for Kids

Spanish School Bus for Kids

Chungaboo LLC
  • iOS 9.0 or later
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Spanish School Bus for Kids offers a fun, vibrant, and engaging game that will help you quickly learn fundamental Spanish vocabulary. This app is ideal for assisting young learners in broadening their understanding of the world while enhancing their Spanish vocabulary. It was created by award-winning instructor Yvette Montalvo and her Montessori-based approach. To obtain a Certificate of Completion and unlock interesting achievements along the way, complete the whole curriculum.

This product seeks to foster a passion for the lovely Spanish language through the introduction of historical characters, monuments, and catchy songs that both children and adults can sing along to. It goes well beyond the teaching of basic vocabulary.

This software puts your kid on the fast track towards becoming bilingual and is appropriate to any beginner Spanish audience with a focus on boosting language learning capacity in kids from Pre-K to 6th grade.


  • For beginners, enjoy yourself while learning 300 of the most often-used verbs, adjectives, and nouns.
  • The Verbs Course for Intermediate Learners places a particular focus on verb tenses that are equivalent to middle school, high school, or college-level Spanish courses at the Intro to level.
  • 150+ levels with fundamental vocabulary words like “numbers,” “colors,” “animals,” “food,” and more; and verb words like “AR, ER, and IR verbs in the Present and Past Tense.”
  • Four exciting game modes, including Piata Mode, Quick Choice, Matching, and Learning and Memorization, make this gameplay addictive!
  • 54 unlockable achievements that you may collect to see how far you’ve come. Each achievement has national treasures, iconic creatures, and interesting facts about Spanish and Latin American culture.
  • 12 interesting and instructive Spanish music videos that you can watch on your iPad, iPhone, or share with others in a classroom via Apple TV!
  • A certificate of completion for completing every level! Perfect for enhancing current classroom or home-school curricula.
  • A verb conjugation tool that allows you to check up on the most frequent verbs and their usage.
  • Two-player mode, which enables several users on a single program installation.


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