RetailMeNot – Coupons, Cashback

RetailMeNot – Coupons, Cashback

RetailMeNot, Inc.
  • Aug 29, 2012
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  • iOS 13.0 or later
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Saving money is simple with more than 210,000 offers for more than 15,000 companies on the award-winning RetailMeNot app, which has received over 500k reviews. Get the offers you want, such as exclusive discounts on family meals, pick-me-ups, skincare, and everything else. The app also contains hundreds of cash-back incentives for online and in-store purchases that can be used from your phone.

You’ll find tailored recommendations on your app’s home page, along with staff-selected bargains based on your purchasing preferences, from RetailMeNot.


  • Enjoy more than 24,000 food promotions at restaurants across the country.
  • Scan barcodes from your phone to redeem coupons.
  • You can easily save money anytime and everywhere you shop.
  • To ensure that you don’t miss a sale again, enable alerts.
  • Deals are updated frequently on our website. Every month, there are more than 30,000 bargains and offers.


  • The average monthly payment for RetailMeNot app users is $200,000+.
  • You could join our members in earning an average of approximately $10 for every order!
  • More than 1,000 retailers offer Cash Back.

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RetailMeNot makes it simple to find discounts and sales on all of your necessities, including clothing, electronics, and food, even if you’re simply browsing. There are coupons available whether you’re interested in home repair, shopping for the newest brands and fashions, or seeking out cutting-edge technology. We frequently add new material to the RetailMeNot app, including seasonal special events, so be sure to check it out often. We have opportunities for you to save on all of your favorite purchases all year long, from Daylight Savings specials to Memorial Day cash-back increase events! You can rely on RetailMeNot to bring the hand-selected discounts you desire from thousands of your favorite shops and eateries, like Target, Sephora, Macy’s, Best Buy, American Eagle, and Michaels.

Discover fresh ways to save money on anything from nearby restaurants to nearby travel, apparel, cosmetics, and design. With codes, coupons, and cash back saves, you might save $20 both online and in-store in only 20 seconds.

It’s more essential than ever to save money on all of your purchasing needs, and thanks to RetailMeNot’s online deals, cash back, and coupons, doing so is now much simpler. You won’t ever miss a bargain on the goods and services you love thanks to easy access to your favorite stores and customized push notifications.






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