Quiztones: EQ Ear Training

Quiztones: EQ Ear Training

The Pro Audio Files LLC
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Quiztones EQ Ear Training for audio engineers, producers, and musicians will teach you to spot frequency boosts and cuts and will help you improve your mixes, recordings, and productions.

Quiztones employs tones, frequency-altered noise, and musical loops (containing source material from your personal music library) to educate your ears so you can instinctively recognize frequency boosts, cuts, and level changes and build more acute listening, EQ, and frequency recognition skills.

Quiztones are going to…

  • Develop your skills in EQing, recording, and mixing.
  • Improve your hearing and frequency-recognition abilities.
  • Assist you in improving the clarity of your mixes and recordings.
  • Develop a sense of when to raise or cut frequencies.
  • Recognize and eliminate troublesome frequencies by using this information.
  • Assist you in identifying and eliminating live sound PA system feedback.
  • Do not need to sweep a mix looking for frequencies.
  • Help you create cleaner mixes by teaching you how to utilize EQ like a pro.

With the help of quizzes, Quiztones deftly leads you through numerous training activities. An integrated score journal also allows you to monitor your progress.

There are four trainers for each EQ test:

  1. (+10 dB) Simple frequency increase
  2. (+5 dB) Hard frequency boost
  3. (-10 dB) Hard frequency cut
  4. (+5 dB – 1/3 octave) Expert frequency boost

Quizzes: iTunes/Music Library, Pink Noise, Tones, Drums, Strings, Strings 2, Piano, Electric Bass, Upright Bass, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Female Vocals, and Orchestra.

*** There are two levels of difficulty with each progress level comparison quiz.

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