Period Tracker Period Calendar

Period Tracker Period Calendar

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  • 2014-09-30
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  • iOS 8.0 +
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Period Calendar records intimacy, BBT, and any other information about women who want to conceive, become pregnant, or use birth control, as well as your period, ovulation, and fertile window. It also displays your daily pregnancy chance.

Thanks to the pill reminder, you won’t be able to forget to take any pills, medications, supplements, or forms of contraception like rings, patches, or injections. Your personal pill tracker is just like your own pharmacy.



Suppose you take supplements or vitamins daily, prescription medications twice daily, contraceptive pills twice a day for 21 days, or any other medications. In that case, we can remind you and you won’t forget to take them.


Personal Records

Girls can record everything about themselves, including cycles, symptoms, moods, cervical mucus, intercourse, weight, temperature, notes, drugs you want to take to control your period, and more, in addition to the primary period cycle tracker function. It is intended to serve as your light diary and sweet secretary that tracks your period.


Synchronize data

It is the safest and most straightforward period tracker for irregular and regular cycles. If you need to track a different person, you can swap accounts.

Data from HealthKit, including active energy, sleep analysis, steps, sexual activity, etc., can also be synced. Health information is available in “Report” and “Timeline”.



  • Sync information with Apple Health
  • Synchronization support for Healthkit data, including active energy, sleep analysis, steps, sexual activity, etc.
  • Backup and restoration of data using Dropbox;
  • Cycle tracker and period tracker for erratic cycles
  • Particular period tracker diary layout
  • Intimacy monitor
  • Three symptoms and 64 emotions are available.
  • Pregnancy mode while pregnant or postpartum
  • Period, ovulation, and fertility tracking notifications
  • Temperature and weight charts
  • Cycle tracking, fertile tracking, period ovulation tracking, and log management
  • Tracker for symptoms related to pregnancy, including cervical stiffness, cervical mucus, and cervical opening
  • Ovulation tracker for the period
  • Menstrual cycle, cycles, and ovulation prediction
  • For irregular periods, include your individual period duration, cycle length, and ovulation.
  • Select a period cycle duration of 1, 3, or all months.
  • Multiple accounts for ovulation on periods



The purpose of a period calendar is to track and forecast menstrual, fertile, and ovulation days. Period Calendar may not always predict precisely due to individual variables such as age, period cycle, regularity, etc. As a result, it can be used to track your data rather than serving as the main guideline for avoiding unintended pregnancies.



The Period Tracker Period Calendar is an excellent option if you’re looking for an easy and effective way to track your period. This app allows you to input information about your period and provides a calendar to see when it is due easily. It also sends reminders to your phone, so you never forget to take your pills or check your progress. Overall, the Period Tracker Period Calendar is a helpful tool that can make tracking your period a breeze.

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