OurFamilyWizard Co-Parent App

OurFamilyWizard Co-Parent App

Avirat, Inc.
  • Jul 10, 2012
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  • iOS 13.0 or later
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It’s now simpler and less stressful to co-parent. OurFamilyWizard safeguards your children, time, finances, mental health, and personal information. Co-parenting is made simpler through OurFamilyWizard. We created the software to assist you in reducing tension so your children can prosper after a divorce or separation.

You can maintain everything organized and recorded while reducing stress if you combine all of your digital co-parenting conversations into one safe app. Additionally, you may protect your children from conversations they shouldn’t hear.


  • Use a single app: Stop digging among DMs, calls, texts, and emails for messages or attachments. Use only one safe app.
  • Monitor the truth: Once a message is sent, it cannot be undone. Additionally, a first-viewed timestamp shows when it is opened. There will be no more debates regarding when or by whom certain things were spoken.
  • Speak calm manner: Use ToneMeter(TM) to identify phrases that can aggravate a situation.


  • The color-coded schedule makes it simple to grasp what’s approaching, including activities, holidays, and drop-offs/pick-ups.
  • Promote dependability: Mistakes are eliminated when everyone uses the same Calendar.
  • Need to make a one-time scheduling adjustment? Use Trade/Swap® parenting time. By using Trade/Swap, change the calendar.


  • Simplify the math: OFW maintains safe, transparent records of your co-parenting costs. There will be no more perplexing spreadsheets, disorganized notes, or expense-sharing applications. You can pay child support on time and reimburse your co-parent through the app.
  • Create your own categories with your personal percentage splits. You’ll start with the standard categories, and you can also make your own. Maintain order and clarity throughout.


  • Save important information: Share and access medical records, clothing measurements, academic data, and more.
  • Reduce messaging: Check the Info Bank for basic information instead of messaging your co-parent.


  • Documentation that is quick and easy will save you time if you have to appear in court or participate in mediation. Customizing and downloading a report from every app feature simply takes a few minutes on the website.

In addition to adding accounts for your children and anyone who provides childcare, such as relatives, bonus parents, and babysitters, OurFamilyWizard also facilitates communication between you and your co-parent. These accounts are restricted in what they may view.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach us via call, chat, or email seven days a week for customer care and technical support. We’d be happy to assist.

Privacy Policy: https://www.ourfamilywizard.com/legal/privacy


This app has been selected for Best Parenting Apps for Newborns.

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