Nextdoor: Neighborhood Network

Nextdoor: Neighborhood Network, Inc.
  • Aug 21, 2013
    Release date
  • iOS 14.0 or later
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Make the most of your community. Join groups, chat with your neighbors, obtain suggestions for nearby businesses, and connect with new locations with Nextdoor. To buy and sell old stuff, use Nextdoor’s local marketplace called For Sale & Free. Make friends with the parents, plan playdates, and connect over similar interests.

Become a member of Nextdoor to read up on regional news and stay up to date on events in your neighborhood. Discuss planned activities and neighborhood changes with your neighbors. Discover household services, including nannies, plumbers, and more. Find out who the top local service providers and companies are, keep up with new ventures, and give back to your neighborhood.

By introducing newcomers to the neighborhood, promoting nearby services, or offering recommendations, you may help your neighbors on Nextdoor by sharing your local knowledge. Whether you’re a new resident or have lived there for a while, Nextdoor can help you explore your neighborhood and find hidden gems.


  • Stay current with neighborhood events
  • Maintain contact with your local community, companies, and government organizations.
  • Pick up free items from neighbors who are giving away things they no longer need.
  • Participate in yard sales, potlucks, and neighborhood gatherings to better know your neighbors.
  • Get to know your neighbors to be able to recognize the good man down the street.
  • Look for neighborhood events like barbecues, art festivals, and civic engagement
  • Purchase, sell, and trade used goods, such as clothing, furniture, and vehicles.
  • Visit garage sales to discover new homes for vintage items.
  • Use Nextdoor’s local marketplace to assist a needy neighbor.
  • Request suggestions for local eateries and retail establishments.
  • Look for trustworthy home services in your neighborhood.
  • Use a cleaning service, home sitter, or handyman.
  • Locate a dependable babysitter in your area or suggest a nanny to a neighbor.
  • Find a dog walker or pet caretaker for your animal pal.
  • Support your neighbors’ businesses
  • Look for bargains and savings


Since trust is the foundation of Nextdoor, we make sure that you are linked to REAL PEOPLE in the areas that are important to you. All neighbors must register on Nextdoor using their true names and addresses. Then we validate that you are a confirmed neighbor by working with reliable vendors.




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