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  • 2014-05-17
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According to Forbes, Newsmax TV is a news powerhouse

It is America’s new cable news channel, now accessible for free via your Android device. 



There are no fees and paywalls—get the latest news on politics, international affairs, finance, and health.


24/7 Worldwide

Newsmax TV is available 24/7 and broadcast from studios worldwide, including New York and Washington.


Awesome Shows

Greg Kelly, Sean Spicer, Chris Salcedo, and Nancy Brinker are among the hit shows you can see here


Final Thoughts

Newsmax TV offers a wide range of programs, news, and commentary on politics, entertainment, and the economy. 

The channel contains excellent content that can help you stay up-to-date and informed! Watch the latest show episodes and original shows here or on our YouTube channel.

It isn’t the only place you can go to get your news – but it is the one nearest and most reliable.

If you’re unsure where to start, check out the best-of shows in our special section. 

You will also find it easy to discover what to watch next – because each week, we highlight five!

Get started and discover why Newsmax TV has become the new cable news network for millions in America!

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