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Science can be exciting thanks to clever gadgets. An entertaining and captivating investigation of plant life is NAMOO. Explore the functions of underground root systems, explore the components of plant cells, or learn how leaves produce food. Curious minds can have an engaging experience thanks to simple language and interactive 3D simulations.

The internal workings of flowers and trees contain many simple yet fascinating concepts. How does carbon dioxide become food for plants? Why do flowers turn into fruits? Namoo will assist kids in understanding science more deeply by using vibrant interactive representations. It’s a multi-layered trip where you can have fun, do new things, and easily learn things.

There are nine chapters in Namoo. Each chapter covers a distinct plant portion and its purposes, such as the roots, stems, flowers, and leaves. Two chapters provide readers with a detailed look at cell structure, and two chapters on photosynthesis can inspire the scientist in you!

In the Namoo universe, animated graphics are accompanied by concise explanations. A fresh piece of information is shown with each tap of the screen. We have also provided thorough reading sections for each chapter with children in mind. The goal of Namoo is to provide a one-stop shop and an engaging journey through the world of plants.


– Nine chapters, including fruits and flowers trunks and stems, roots, root tips, leaf structure, plant cells, and photosynthesis.
– A trunk chapter AR experience
– Original sound design, music, and 3D artwork
– Interactive 3D simulations that are inspired by encyclopedias
– Student-friendly reading portions, labels, and explanations
– Exciting and immersive learning for adults and children
– In a pleasant and interesting way, learn about incredible processes like pollination or photosynthesis.
– Play around with various environmental factors to see what occurs


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