MUBI: Curated Cinema

MUBI: Curated Cinema

MUBI, Inc.
  • Apr 17, 2014
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  • iOS 12.1 or later
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A constantly-changing selection of well-chosen movies. From upcoming filmmakers to award winners. From every corner of the globe. Beautiful, intriguing, amazing movies are released daily. Additionally, there are no advertisements on MUBI. Ever.

Wherever you travel, bring some wonderfully curated film with you. Watch or download any of our films at any time. Anywhere, on any device or screen.


• All new users receive a 7-day free trial.
• A brand-new movie every day
• Each film is chosen by film professionals.
• Download movies to watch them offline while traveling.
• Utilize your smart TV, AirPlay, or Chromecast to enjoy MUBI on a large screen.
• View our LIBRARY, which offers hundreds of titles chosen by our curators.
• In-depth editorial content, including articles, reviews, and ratings, for each movie
• Check out what the community is viewing and discussing on MUBI FEED.

The best movies in the world are available to you with a MUBI membership on the Web, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, and other connected devices.


A 7-day free trial is available for MUBI’s monthly and yearly auto-renewing subscriptions.

If auto-renew isn’t disabled at least 24 hours before the current term ends, subscriptions renew on their own without a user’s action. Within 24 hours of the current period’s conclusion, a charge for renewal will be applied to the account, along with a breakdown of the renewal fee. After making a purchase, the user can manage their subscriptions and off auto-renewal by navigating to their account settings.

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Customer service:

Please email us at [email protected] if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas to make our app better.


To view and download movies of high quality, a Wi-Fi connection is advised. Playback may be paused due to a poor cellphone connection.

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