Miles – Drive, Bike, Run, Save

Miles – Drive, Bike, Run, Save

ConnectIQ Labs Inc
  • Mar 22, 2019
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  • iOS 13.0 or later
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Anyone may use the universal rewards app Miles to accumulate miles for all forms of transportation automatically. Beyond credit card points, loyalty programs, and airline miles, the Miles app offers other benefits. Any method you use to travel from point A to point B is rewarded with miles, which are our forms of points. Whether you travel by car, foot, bicycle, or rail, we’ll give you miles for every mile.

You will receive even greater benefits if you choose environmentally friendly modes of transportation. You can earn two times as many miles by carpooling or using a rideshare service like Lyft or Uber. Train and public transportation users get three times as many miles. If you run or walk, you’ll earn 10 times as many miles as if you ride a bike.

You have the option to exchange your miles for exclusive benefits, gift cards, great offers, credit, savings, and more from incredible companies like, HP, Pandora, Buffalo Wild Wings, Chewy, Wayfair, Home Chef, Sam’s Club, Garmin, and many others. Receive the best offers and discounts from our well-known brand partners that aren’t available anywhere else.

Your miles can also be donated to charity to help feed the needy, and support cancer foundations, and other causes. These raffles feature intriguing brands’ gift cards and products, and you can enter them to win them.

For all forms of transportation, including your everyday commute and travel, we have developed a frequent flyer program. For every mile driven, regardless of the form of transportation used, Miles offer value and savings. It doesn’t matter how or where users travel: by car (as a driver, passenger, or rideshare), by aircraft, by rail, by metro, by bus, by boat, by bicycle, or by foot. The Miles app rewards travel easily. Track your miles automatically without logging any excursions.

By providing a variety of exercise challenges, such as walking, jogging, or bicycling to win exclusive gift cards, Miles keeps rewarding you for your everyday journey.

Make every mile count and benefit from choosing more environmentally friendly forms of transportation. To start saving money and getting rewarded, download Miles right away!

This is how it works:

Join now:
Install the app, then sign up. Location Services should be enabled and set to Always for optimum results.

Automatically begin accumulating miles:
There is nothing further you need to do after registering. As of right now, every trip you make (from point A to point B) will give you miles. There is no obligation for you to launch the app before, during, or after a trip or to log your travels. Earning miles is actually effortless and cost-free!

Earning bonus miles through:
The app offers a ton of opportunities to earn additional miles.
Additional kilometers for carpooling
Train, bus, boat, and ferry riders receive 3x miles.
Upgraded tiers
Holidays and anniversaries
Exclusive discount codes

Use your miles to buy prizes, gift cards, and raffle tickets:
All of your miles will be tracked by the Miles app, and you may use those miles to redeem special incentives there. The benefits may be used right away or at a later time. The following categories offer prizes that can be redeemed from retailers using unique promo codes, coupons, links, QR codes, or barcodes, either online or in person:

  • Shopping
  • Groceries
  • Dining
  • Health and Beauty
  • Kids
  • Household
  • Retail
  • Electronics
  • Auto
  • Travel
  • Other

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