LEDit – The LED Banner App

LEDit – The LED Banner App

WonderBit S.L.U.
  • Paid Utility Apps
  • 2009-03-27
    Release date
  • iOS 9.0 +
  • 1.99$

LEDit lets you use your iPhone/iPad as a fantastic ticker display. It is a great app to communicate with friends in noisy bars, parties, or concerts. Additionally, it is a great way to communicate with your friends in locations where yelling would be inappropriate (e.g., meetings, classes, or libraries).


Perfect usage of LEDit

  • Order drinks in crowded bars.
  • Tell your coworkers how bored you are during a meeting.
  • Support your favorite sportsball team.
  • Let lousy drivers know what you think of them.
  • Send song requests to the DJ.
  • Talk to your dentist during a procedure.
  • Greet passengers at the airport.
  • Communicate with the hearing impaired.
  • The possibilities are endless!


Final Words

Whether trying to make a statement or just stay connected with friends in a noisy environment, LEDit is an excellent app on your iPhone or iPad. It’s easy to use and lets you customize your message to really stand out. So next time you’re at a party or concert, make sure to download LEDit and give it a try!

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