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  • 2014-04-22
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iShook is an interactive way to read books. The integration of Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter with eBooks allows you to get real-time updates from your favorite and best-selling authors and publishers all on one platform. Download books and connect with authors and publishers on their pages. Preview books and social media feeds before purchasing. Browse the bookshelf, add books to your reading table, tap on a book to open it, flip through pages, bookmark and add notes, and share quotes and thoughts on your social media pages.

Here at iShook, we appreciate both the negative feedback and the positive, with the negative drives us to enhance the performance of our platform and our vision for generating the most efficient delivery of content to our users. In regards to the positive, we always appreciate the positive feedback which provides us with tremendous value in generating the best possible features the iOS platform has to offer. With these features, we have revolutionized the way we present content to the end users providing solutions both for the Content Developer and the Content User.

We are happy to announce the following announcements and features for the iShook App.

We are happy to announce our direct relationship with Gardners UK (
Currently over 20k ebooks are for sale through our iShook app under the store section of the iShook app menu.
Over 40k ebooks are free of download from Project Gutenberg ( under the Free Books section of the iShook app menu.

iOS X – Compatible, Spotlight Integrated, Open In Feature integrated,

Swipe left to right and right to left to Guide through the Following Sections: Wish List – My Library – Reading Table – Coffee Table.

Wish List – section of books for your wish list books that you intend to buy later, this feature is the perfect use since you might not discover this specific book again as you surf the iShook Store Catalog.

My Library – this section is your library of purchased books, all books found in this library are automatically shared with your public app social profile under the My Library window. You can restrict the view of your Public profile by the following criteria; Everyone – Friends – Only Me. We added another feature that enables the user to select a particular eBook and move it out from the My Library section which is Publicly Shared to the Private Library section in the iShook app.

Reading Table – This section is the best way to organize your reading by having to collect your most recent reads in one part, just like your reading table. This feature is automated when opening any book from your library it would automatically be placed in your Reading Table (up to 7 books), this feature is perfect for our readers now if you have a library of 200 books, no need to always search for the current book you reading.

Coffee Table – is pretty Magazines and Periodicals that are available for download.

eReader – our reader is a native reader of iShook supporting an array of features such as the following:

Languages support such as but not limited to English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Arabic etcetera.

Vertical Scrolling, Left to Right and Right to Left page turning. Page Curling Feature to give that feel of reading a tangible book
Font Changes, Font Size, Background Color.

Highlighting Text with different color choices, Place Notes on Text, and Speak Capability (Must turn on this feature in your iOS Device). Bookmark a page.

Our eReader is a Smart reader all bookmarks, highlights, and notes remain saved against your iShook user profile. If for some reason you have deleted your app or lost your iOS device all is saved.

Extensive use of all our social media tools integrated within our eReader, such as quick shares a quote on Twitter, Facebook, and so on.

Look for our full extensive feature list on the corporate site which will be available on November 1, 2016.

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