GENERIS: DNA & Nutrition App

GENERIS: DNA & Nutrition App

Generis LLC
  • October 11, 2019
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  • iOS 9.2 or later
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Receive individualized health advice, dietary suggestions, and other information based on your genes. GENERIS creates personalized lifestyle recommendations based on your DNA information to help you be the greatest version of yourself.

DNA fuels the health and fitness app GENERIS. Understanding your genes will help you take control of your life because they have an impact on how your body processes food, develops muscle and assimilates vitamins and minerals.

A one-size-fits-all approach to wellness frequently fails because everyone has distinct health and exercise needs. Every person should receive advice that is specifically tailored to them, which is why GENERIS’s recommendations are created for you based on your genetic makeup.

To help you achieve your lifestyle goals, use the data from 23andMe or to receive personalized and useful food, activity, and supplement suggestions. Anyone wishing to enhance their wellness and health should use GENERIS. Each recommendation contains details on the reasoning behind it so you can understand why it is appropriate for you.

How does GENERIS function?

  • Get the GENERIS mobile app.
  • Decide on a goal.
  • Complete the lifestyle questionnaire, which asks about your eating habits and allergies as well as your level of activity and fitness.
  • Upload your and 23andMe data.
  • The results come in around 24 hours!

Privacy Statement:

Your privacy is important to us at GENERIS. With the goal of enabling people to be their best selves, GENERIS was established on the premise of giving secure, reliable, and actionable information. Your data’s privacy and protection are prioritized in all decisions to further that purpose.

Get a tailored workout and food suggestions based on your DNA and who you are. GENERIS can transform your way of life; download it to find out how.


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