eHalo Gofers

eHalo Gofers

  • Paid Travel Apps
  • 2012-02-10
    Release date
  • iOS 8.0 +
  • 29.99$

e.Halo Gofers for iPhone and iPod Touch is for airline employees, their dependents, and travel guests. It focuses on automatically retrieving information from online non-rev systems. If you’ve used our Halo program on your desktop computer, you know how great e.Halo Gofers will be on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Contact the developer for information on supported airlines.

It does all the work interacting with the online non-rev site using its automatic Gofers. The results are saved off-line in a format designed specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The results can be emailed, copied to the pasteboard, or printed to an AirPrint compatible printer.

There are times, when in a pinch you may need to still interact with the non-rev system web site. e.Halo Gofers includes an Interactive mode as well.

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