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  • Aug 25, 2014
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  • iOS 11.4 or later
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Call and message management while driving is made easier by using the Drivemode feature. Drivemode’s voice-activated instructions and big buttons allow you to concentrate on driving while providing a simplified interface for safely answering calls or sending and hearing messages.

You may switch between applications with a single tap, a wide swipe, or voice control.

  • Respond to a text or message with voice commands
  • Place your preferred music player over a navigation app.
  • When in “Do Not Disturb” mode, ignore any calls or messages.
  • Configure auto-replies for text messages
  • Launch and shut off automatically with Bluetooth pairing
  • Set up to launch automatically when you start your car.
  • Access your driving record
  • Over time, receive personalized recommendations based on your schedule, activity, and favorite locations.

Many of your favorite programs can be integrated into Drivemode’s straightforward UI, including:

  • Apps for voice assistants
  • Apps for navigation
  • Apps for messaging
  • Music apps

For rental or loaner automobiles, use Drivemode to simply convert your current vehicle to a smarter vehicle and to maintain your preferences across other vehicles. Drivemode can help all drivers, including commuters, full- or part-time drivers, carpoolers, and travelers, have a better and safer driving experience.

Drivemode is a car-grade interface that was created to comply with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s safety recommendations for driving applications. Please be aware that Drivemode needs extensive permissions in order to access apps and combine them into a unified interface. Drivemode may keep track of installed apps in order to offer suggestions and sync settings between devices.

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