Draw Cartoons 2 PRO

Draw Cartoons 2 PRO

Zalivka Mobile Cartoons
  • Art & Design
  • 5.0 and up
  • 9.99$

The program generates smooth-looking 2D cartoons. We’ve designed it as simple as possible to draw cartoons using motion smoothing techniques. You only need to specify the starting and ending positions of the character to generate a smooth motion. 

Different libraries of characters

There’s a complete library of characters and objects to select from (dragons, people, cars, and more). You may create creatures and objects using ‘bones’ from the character editor. You may draw bones in the application or cut them from photos. 

Different tools for you

There are other tools available for experienced animators. For instance, you may use a camera to create an intense close-up shot (similar to those seen in horror films). Additionally, you may slow down or speed up fragments (to make a slow-motion shot of dodging bullets, for example). 

Add music or voice-over.

By adding voice-over to your cartoon, you can make it easier for your viewers to digest the information and allow them to engage with the comic and hear the message you are trying to share. You can also add music to your cartoon to create a more dramatic feel and help your viewers to visualize the message you are sharing.

Save and share your work.

All your animations can be saved as video (MP4 format) or GIF and sent to YouTube. You can also save items and send them as separate files. In other words, you can offer someone a figurine of your superhero so that someone else can include it in their works. We have a bunch of people cooperating to accomplish this. 


This is the best free drawing application for kids and adults. The application allows users to draw in full-screen mode and try various drawing tools to create the best cartoon characters for their needs. Apart from the free drawing application, you can also save your drawings, share them with others, and upload them to the web. All these can be done in the same application!

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