Debt Free – Pay Off your Debt

Debt Free – Pay Off your Debt

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  • Finance
  • 2010-12-15
    Release date
  • iOS 10.0 +
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? Top-selling app in the finance category

?Optimized UI for iOS11.
?Sync data across all your devices.


? “Debt Free makes it easy to confront Debt and manage it wisely” –
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? Debt Free App resolves to help you PAY OFF YOUR DEBT.
? Debt Free App helps SAVE YOUR TIME and MONEY.

? What do our Customers Say?
????? “Very Innovative App.By far the most well developed Debt Payoff program I have come across.”

????? “Easy to use and practical.”

????? “I have been using this App for a year and I Love It! It allows you to sync between devices!”

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????? “Have nothing but praise this App. It helped me stay focused and pay off $13,500 in 5 months. This app changed the way I viewed the money.”

Are you serious about Paying off your Debt? Then DEBT FREE App is for you.

This App helps you organize, monitor, and pay off your debt using the debt Snowball method. You can analyze and model debt repayments to see when exactly you can become debt-free. You can also Sync data between devices.


? Bonus: This app also includes 3 Built calculators to help you decide on monthly payments
– Payoff date calculator
– Loan Calculator
– Mortgage calculator

Main Features:

?Universal Binary
– Designed for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices. No need to buy separate Apps for each device.

?Quick Debt Summary
– Displays a Quick Summary of your Total Debts with a Percentage Progress Bar, Debt Date, Interest Savings, and Early Payoff Date.

?Percent Paid Progress Bars
– Percent Paid Progress Bars for each Debt which motivates you towards Paying Off your Debts.

?Reports and Charts
– 2D Pie Chart View of your Debts with Debts by Category and Debts Remaining.

– Enter your Expense Transactions for Each Debt so your Remaining balance will be Automatically Updated.

?Payment Due Date Notification
– You can Set Payment Due date notifications and also Payment Due Date Time for Each Debt.

?Pay Off Strategies
– Supports Multiple Payoff Strategies.
– Lowest Balance
– Highest Interest Rate
– Highest Balance
– Custom Order
By choosing a strategy you can see how the Total Debt, Interest Amount, and Debt Payoff date get affected.

?Tracks Multiple Debts
– You can Track an unlimited Number of Debts.

?Debt Payment Tracking
– Record your Payment every time you Pay towards your Debt which automatically updates your Debts Information.

? Promotional APR’s
– Supports promotional APRs for credit cards.

? Mortgage overhead costs
– Track mortgage payments accurately by including all overhead costs.

?Amortization Table
The amortization table shows a Complete Payment Schedule which allows you to view the interest, principal, and remaining balance for every payment of the Debt.

?Pay Off Date Calculator
– Use the built-in Payoff Date Calculator to see how the monthly payment amount will affect the payoff date and total interest paid.

?Extra Payment Feature
– Calculates Interest and Time Savings with Extra Payment.

?Pass Code Lock
– Pass Code Protection to keep your Financial Information Private.

?Export Capability
– Email your Debt Report and Amortization Schedule in HTML Format.

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