Cocktail Art – Bartender App

Cocktail Art – Bartender App

Konstantin Morozov
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  • 2017-01-19
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A huge selection of cocktails with collections of recipes for any occasion. Descriptions of all ingredients and variants for their replacement. Add your drinks to the bar and you can see what you can make from them. Have your own cocktail? Add it to the app. Rate cocktails and create your own selection of the best cocktails.

New recipes and collections
Classic minimalistic or sultry tropical tiki cocktails? You can find everything in the “Cocktails Art – Drinks Recipes” free mixology app. More than 1000 cocktails to make up a drink menu for any occasion. Select cocktails based on gin, vodka, tequila or any other ingredients. Every month I add new recipes and collections. You can always find the best recipe selections on the homepage of my mixology app.

My bar
Add all the ingredients on hand to “My bar” and see what alcoholic drinks you can mix. To see all the cocktails recipes available check the option “Only my ingredients” when searching. There is already a great variety of liqueurs, bitters and other alcoholic spirits in the bar. For easier navigation, the section in our cocktail app is organized into these subcategories:

Popular – the most common ingredients to set up your minibar like a professional bartender or mixologist, such as vodka, rum, tequila, whiskey, vermouths, Angostura bitters, lime juice, lemon juice and so on.

Basic spirits – the spirits commonly used in mixology as a foundation for the cocktail taste building. In this minibar there are tequila, vodka, rye whiskey, wine and others.

Liqueurs – a variety of bitters, vermouths, brandies and liqueurs proper. Here we have your favourite Cointreau, Campari, Kahlua and other drinks common used in mixology.

Mixers – soda, juices and syrups. For example, Coca-Cola, Sprite and so on.

Ingredients info and analogues
Met the ingredient that is unknown for you? Read a short story about it in the ingredient description section. Also here you can find analogues and replacement options for the most popular drinks of our bartender app.

Advanced search of cocktail recipes
Search mixing drinks you wish by any ingredient, colour, basic flavour profile (sweet, sour, bitter), drink volume (shot, short and long drinks) or just by name. Any combinations. Filter the recipes you can make by the ingredients on hand.

Liked a cocktail? Save the recipes of the mixed drinks you like to Favourites. Make your own recipe book.

Your own cocktails
You know a cocktail that not in the out drink app? Add your recipes in “My cocktails” section. The most interest recipes will be added to the app. Make the app your own recipe keeper.

Your own collections
Tired of writing out the most interesting recipes? No problem! Create you own collections for any ocassion for your home bar.

Rate cocktails
Try a cocktail? Give a feedback to all users of our drink app and rate it.

Measurement units for bartenders from all over the world
Use suitable units in our drink app for prepare the greatest mixing drinks: ounces or millilitres.

The mixology app can help to save money on going out. Become a home bartender with your own cocktails flashcards and create all this mixology beauty at home – Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Long Island Iced Tea, Bloody Mary, John Collins, Negroni, Manhattan, Mai Tai, Kir Royale, Piña Colada, Black and White Russian, Bacardi, Aperol Spritz, Sex on the Beach, Old Fashioned, Margarita, Screwdriver and a lot of others. There a lot of cocktails for a novice bartenders and a professional mixologists. But remember, when you deep embathe into a mixology it is important to drink responsibly and to be over legal drinking age in your country.

Something is missing…
You’ve noticed a mistake, are willing to suggest a new cocktail or just to chat about bars, cocktails, drinks, mixology, bartender or bartending and all the other stuff, saw a good feature in other cocktail app, wine app, beer app, bartender app or some other drinking app – write at [email protected].

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