Buffl: Learn with flashcards

Buffl: Learn with flashcards

Brain Factory GmbH
  • Nov 28, 2017
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  • iOS 11.0 or later
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With the help of the free learning app Buffl, you may learn more effectively and rapidly. With Buffl, you can make flashcards perfectly tailored to your topic, whether for work or school. Choose whether to share your course publicly or privately and choose who can view and update it. For all your devices, the Buffl platform includes user-friendly apps. Offline learning and content creation are both possible from any location because the cloud keeps everything automatically synced.

With Buffl, YOU CAN:

  • Learn and make content with your tablet, smartphone, or PC even offline.
  • Make courses with multiple-choice questions and flashcards.
  • Overview of the lessons learned and the progress made
  • Create duplicates, move them online, and organize card stacks, courses, and cards.
  • Swap question and answer, random order, and fast learning modes
  • Publish and distribute courses (rights management read and write access)
  • Automatic cloud synchronization and backup

We at Buffl apply a five-box learning method you are probably already familiar with. Each time you provide the right response, the cards advance by one box, starting with box 1. A card drops one box if your response is incorrect. In Buffl’s speed mode, cards that were incorrectly answered remain in the box and do not move. You have accomplished the goal if all of the flashcards and multiple-choice questions are in box 5. In learning mode, the interface is kept simple so that you may fully focus on the material. You can indicate whether you answered a flashcard successfully or poorly using easy swipe actions. There are two modes available for the full app.

On all devices, you can make multiple-choice questions and flashcards, and they will sync up automatically. You have all the freedom offered by other applications with our card format. You may add as many images as you want to your flashcards, underline important information in color, and create visually impressive flashcards at all times. You may also import content, like word lists from a CSV file, into the web app. The WebApp allows you to copy or transfer whole card stacks or individual cards so you can rearrange your courses as you like.


If you would like to ask or make a recommendation about Buffl. Send us a message at [email protected] or on Twitter at @bufflapp.


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