AVID Control

AVID Control

Avid Technology Inc
  • Dec 3, 2019
    Release date
  • Requires iOS 12.0 or later
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Use your device to remotely control your favorite music and video programs. When using Pro Tools, Media Composer, Logic, Cubase, Nuendo, Digital Performer, Premiere, and other media tools, you can record and mix audio with Avid Control faster and easier than when using a keyboard and mouse exclusively. The app gives you deep flexibility and excellent mixing freedom by fusing the tight hardware/software interaction and high-speed communication performance of EUCON technology with the multi-touch improvements of iOS and Android. Additionally, new touch workflows and customizable control are available when utilized with an Avid control surface (including the brand-new Avid S1).

Unparalleled audio and video freedom are yours.

• Use a vast number of software commands.

• Add audio and switch between automation modes.

• Launch advanced macros to save a significant amount of time.

• Control many applications from a single app.

Quicker mixing using efficient design

• Grasp multitouch control to increase productivity

• Use entirely new methods to interact with and manage your mix.

• With a single swipe, perform keyboard shortcuts and more

• Maintain tactile control, everywhere you go.

Track and blend with a little touch

• Increase your productivity with a variety of controls.

• With one tap, you can solo, mute, and record tracks.

• Use several faders to give your mix more vitality.

• Gain an understanding of your mix through detailed visual feedback

Steer large mixes with ease.

• Use Tracks view to quickly navigate to any channel.

• Scroll through massive mixes quickly

• Multiple tracks can be chosen, record-enabled, soloed, and muted.

• Use S6-style metering to monitor levels.

Expand the workflows for your control surface.

• Receive improved touch control and movable layouts

• Quicker mix navigation using Tracks view

• Check out a counter display and more visual information

• Remember layouts and launch macros

Break free from the messy cables

• Operate in ways that a wired mouse or control surface cannot

• Record your performance in a separate space from your DAW.

• Manage up to two networked workstations in a single building.

• Start a recording or playback from anywhere.

Utilize your favored audio and video editing programs

• Apple Logic Pro X

• Avid Pro Tools

• Avid Media Composer

• Merging Pyramix

• Mackie Control

• Steinberg Cubase

• Steinberg Nuendo

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