AutoSleep: Track Sleep

AutoSleep: Track Sleep

  • iOS 11.0 or later
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From your Apple Watch*, automatically keep track of your sleep. Not a button to click. The Watch app itself is optional.

There is no user metrics tracking in AutoSleep. No plugins for advertising. No third-party software. No upload of data. Find out if your FREE sleeping app can make the same claim.

No additional In-App Purchases. No paid subscription.

As for AutoSleep:

AutoSleep calculates your sleep duration using Advanced Heuristics so you don’t have to. You don’t need to do anything if you REALLY wear your Watch to bed. Your sleep and its quality will be monitored by AutoSleep, which will also alert you in the morning.

Your time in bed can be tracked by AutoSleep even if you do not even use your Watch to bed. It’s incredibly easy. Simply remove your Watch from your wrist before going to bed if you do not wear it. AutoSleep will be notified that you’ve finished sleeping as soon as you grab your phone or put your Watch on in the morning.

If you have trouble falling asleep, AutoSleep offers a quick setup tutorial and a tweaking option. AutoSleep will also evaluate the quality of your sleep if you wear your Apple Watch to bed*. It can evaluate the quality of your rest and give you a whole nightly analysis by measuring your heart rate, time spent sleeping, restlessness, and time spent awake.

*Note. When you go to bed without wearing your Watch, AutoSleep just records the time spent sleeping.

Additionally, AutoSleep syncs your sleep data to Apple Health and is compatible with HeartWatch, our leading heart, and activity tracking app.

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