The 10 Best Yoga Apps for Fitness

Yoga is an ancient practice that originated in India over five thousand years ago. With all of these benefits, it can be difficult to find time for a full-length class each week. Luckily, there are some fantastic apps out there that offer more than just video instruction. These apps are designed for all fitness levels and yoga abilities and some features require a monthly subscription.

Yoga has become extremely popular over the years, especially among millennials. In fact, more than 50% of Americans practice yoga at least once a week. The benefits of practicing yoga include stress relief, weight loss, improved flexibility, and improved joint health.

Benefits of Using Yoga Apps

Yoga is a healing exercise that can provide relief from stress and anxiety. If you’re looking for ways to incorporate more of it into your life, using a yoga app may be the best option. Yoga apps, like Yoga Studio and YoMaster, allow you to customize your practice with different poses so you can focus on what’s most important to you. These apps also allow you to track your progress with features such as daily calendars and reminders.  Here are some reasons why these apps might help you get started:

1) You Can Practice Anywhere

If you want to start practicing yoga but don’t have access to a studio or other space where you can do it in person, an app could be just what you need. Apps make it easy to work out at home without having to leave your house. They’re great if you live alone because they let you set up a routine that works around your schedule instead of forcing you to go through the motions when you’d rather not. If you like working out on your own time, this is for you!

2) It’s Easy To Track Your Progress

Apps give you all kinds of ways to keep tabs on how well you’re doing. Some apps will track calories burned and others will tell you about your heart rate during exercise. This way, you’ll know exactly how much progress you’ve made over time. Tracking workouts with an app also makes them easier to share with friends so everyone knows how hard you worked today.

3) You Can Set Goals And Keep Them

If you want to lose weight or get in shape, setting goals can help motivate you to stick to your plan. Apps are great because they make it easy to create new goals as you work toward reaching old ones.

4) It’s Easy To Share Your Progress With Friends & Family

Some apps let you connect with other people who have similar fitness goals. If someone is struggling to reach their target heart rate during exercise, you could suggest ways to improve his/her technique.

Best Yoga Apps for Fitness – Top Recommendations

There are several apps available for yoga practice. These apps allow you to track your progress and keep track of your daily activities. They also provide information about different types of yoga poses and breathing techniques.

Here are some of the best choices for yoga fitness apps available now. 

The 10 Best Yoga Apps for Fitness

Our Pick

Yoga | Down Dog

Our rating:

Down Dog gives you a fresh yoga practice every time you go onto your mat. Down Dog, unlike pre-recorded videos, will not force you to repeat the same workout over and over. Down Dog allows you the freedom to create a yoga practice that you love with over 60,000 possible variations!

Yoga Studio: Poses & Classes

Our rating:

Beautiful and easy-to-follow HD VIDEO yoga courses with full yoga teacher commentary are available to practice from the convenience of your own home. Every lesson is meticulously categorized by focus, allowing selecting the ideal class a simple. Learn and practice with beginner, intermediate, and expert classes, or try designing your own unique class poses by pose using our sequencing tool if you want something different! View classes whenever and wherever you want – no internet connection is required after downloading for quick access – PLUS With Chromecast, you may watch your classes on your TV!

Asana Rebel is a YOGA AND FITNESS app for anyone looking to GET FIT, LOSE WEIGHT, and begin living a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. Yoga Inspired Fitness is revolutionizing the way 10 million people around the world exercise.

DailyYoga | Fitness+Meditation

Our rating:

Daily Yoga app provides various guided classes to teach you how to do basic yoga poses before moving on to more advanced ones. There are also many world-class yoga instructors you can follow.

Yoga for Beginners-Yoga Exercises at Home

Our rating:

The yoga for beginners app is designed to help users learn how to do yoga poses correctly. This app has been developed using the Unity3D game engine. Users can use the app to practice yoga poses while listening to music.


Our rating:

YoMaster Yoga Apps is a free app for Android devices that allows users to practice yoga poses while listening to music. The app has been downloaded more than 10 million times since its release in 2013.

Yoga for Beginners – Weight loss & Workout Planner

Our rating:

The yoga for beginners app is designed to help users learn how to do yoga. This app has been developed to teach people about yoga through a series of lessons. Users can choose from different levels of difficulty to practice yoga exercises.

Yoga Workout – Daily Yoga

Our rating:

The yoga workout app is a free application for Android devices that allows users to track their daily yoga routine. Users can set up their own routines, which include breathing exercises, poses, and meditation. There are also options to share workouts with others.

Yogaia: Yoga & Meditation

Our rating:

Yogaia is a solid choice if you want to focus more on the mental benefits of yoga, as opposed to the physical ones. Practice yoga simply and safely from your home anytime you want. The app includes guided breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and other tools to help users relax and reduce stress.  You can practice yoga anywhere, anytime.

5 Minute Yoga

Our rating:

Each session is created from a combination of simple yet effective yoga poses. These poses are designed to be easy to follow and understand. This makes them perfect for beginners. Yoga sessions feature clear images and detailed instructions. This ensures every pose is performed correctly. This is vital for effective practice.

DailyYoga | Fitness+Meditation

Our rating:

Daily Yoga app provides various guided classes to teach you how to do basic yoga poses before moving on to more advanced ones. There are also many world-class yoga instructors you can follow.

In conclusion, yoga can be a great option to try, especially for those who are new to exercising. There are many different apps on the market that offer a variety of classes for beginners, as well as programs for more advanced yogis.

If you are not sure which app is best for you, review the list of 10 best yoga apps for fitness and see if you find one that fits your needs.

Exercise is important to improve your health. Try one of these apps today!

The 10 Best Yoga Apps for Fitness – FAQs

What are the average costs of yoga apps?

Some yoga apps are free to use, but they might include only the basic features. Others charge a one-time cost, usually around $3 to $5. Members gain access to additional features, including customizing and developing your own personalized yoga routine. Monthly or yearly subscriptions range from about $5 to $20.

What equipment do I need to have for all kinds of yoga?

If you’re practicing at a studio, gym, or home, you will require a yoga mat for assistance and cushion for meditation if you’re on hardwood floors and other surfaces. Other than this, you don’t seemingly require any extra products. As you continue along with your yoga practice, you could find that yoga props such as blocks or straps may be an ideal addition, since they can help achieve various poses and provide more support.

What type of clothing should I wear for a yoga class?

If you’re going to be performing exercises that require bending forward, find clothes that have a soft material, like cotton. Look for clothes that are moisture-wicking to keep yourself cool and comfortable as you perform certain physical activities, such as performing yoga.