Best Apps for Traveling

Are planning for a vacation but don’t know where to go yet? Do you have a trip coming up but you’re not familiar with the place?

Having a guide or manual for traveling gives you the advantages of knowing where to go, what to expect, and discovering and experiencing unique places.

We have a list of very useful apps for traveling to help you have a safe and better trip. These apps are very valuable for traveler, in terms of navigation and maps, hotels and flight bookings, and even currency conversion.

Check out below the best apps for traveling and the experience of people who have tried or used the app.

Transport Navigation


Citymapper's Competitors, Revenue, Number of Employees, Funding,  Acquisitions & News - Owler Company Profile

My favorite app when traveling is Citymapper. It’s like Google Maps but specialized for public transport. I use it all the time when I visit the UK and Europe.

Unlike much of the USA, public transport in other countries is cheap, efficient and frequent, meaning renting a car is simply not needed. But it can be confusing to navigate the public transport in another country, especially if foreign languages are involved.

Pros: “Citymapper provides super easy instructions on how to get from Point A to Point B, including live departure times, platform numbers and even the best section of the train/subway to board to ensure the swiftest transfer when alighting at the stop to your next train.

The app is free, and includes walking directions, and, where available, other public transport options such as eScooters, bikes etc.

Nick Brennan – My UK SIM Card

Offline Access to News and Articles


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One of my favorite apps for travelling is Pocket. This app lets you save web pages and videos for offline viewing. This way, you can stock up on content to read or view during flights or when you don’t have a local data plan. It’s easy to use and very handy!

Laura Meyers – Laure Wanders

Vacation Rentals and Reviews App


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I find myself using Airbnb the most to find both accommodation and activities, especially unique tours.

I know there are others out there, but I’ve found some really great places that are affordable, and with hosts that are super helpful in giving advice for local places to check out!

I also use this app for tours. Some of my favorites have included a Tipsy Tour in Rome and a tour of the Jewish quarter in Rome, plus a bar crawl in Athens. I’ve met fantastic people and loved doing these off-the-beaten-path type of tours! Plus I feel that I’m supporting locals when I do these kinds of tours via Airbnb.

Sarah Simon – Mukikapup’s Travels

For Food and Travel Lovers


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For someone who is strongly passionate about traveling, meeting new people, and exploring different cultures, this is the perfect app.

The app works differently for hosts and guests. For a traveler like me, I have to select a destination or use my current location, browse through all the hosts and their unique local experiences, select my favorite host and choose the dates. The host then waits to meet me and shares their unique food experiences with me.”

Pros: “Eatwith allows me to connect with the locals of the country I travel to, through food, from cooking classes to home-cooked meals hosted in people’s homes.

Eatwith is available for free on Android and IOS.

Kevin Mercier –

Toilet Finder


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Although comical, the Flush restroom finder app is genius! All you must do is open the app, which will display public restroom options near you. The app also tells you if the bathroom is handicap accessible, if there is a fee, and even lets you know if a key is required. And this app isn’t just for those in the U.S.; it helps you find toilets worldwide!

Alexandrea Sumuel 

Text, Photo, and Voice Translator

Google Translate

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Google Translate is an extremely important app to have while traveling. Being able to communicate with people in the native language is the responsibility of the traveler. Google Translate allows you to translate by typing, speaking, or holding a camera up text in real life.

Pros: “Quickly switches to different languages if you are in a location with a variety of languages”

Cons: “Translations can be quite literal and therefore possibly misunderstood

Veronica Hanson – Nomad Veronica

International Calling App


230x0w 54

“The appeal of Rebtel is that you may phone friends and relatives back home without a connection to the internet. Without being faced with the trouble of buying a local SIM card or running up your phone bill, the software connects to local phone networks to provide you with inexpensive calls in 51 different countries across the world. accessible on Android and iOS.

Joanne King – Elevate With ICMP

National Park Guide

National Park Service App

Comment Period Extended For National Parks Fee Hikes | Fronteras

My husband and I are avid outdoor explorers and are currently on a quest to visit all 63 US National Parks. I’ve recently discovered the free National Park Service App, and it has quickly become our go-to favorite app.

Pros: “You have access to detailed information about every park (including forests, monuments, and historical sites). It can show you where the visitor center is, where hikes are, and teach you about the park.

Chantelle Kincy – Flannels or Flip Flops

Boat Rentals


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GetMyBoat is the world’s largest boat rental and water experience marketplace, we’re sometimes referred to as the Airbnb of Boats.”

Pros: “We make it easy to find and book fun travel experiences right on your phone. We have over 150,000 boat rentals and water experiences across 184 countries.

Everything from kayak rentals to jet ski tours, yacht charters, and more can be found on GetMyBoat, and the app enables you to book everything on-the-go. Enjoy contactless payments, seamless messaging with your captain through the app, and a 24-7 customer service team to help resolve any issues.

Val Streif – GetMyBoat

Cheap Flights, Hotels, and Cars Finder


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For years, I’ve relied on Skyscanner to locate the lowest-priced flights on the market. In my opinion, it outperforms all other comparable travel aggregators.

You understand the value of this if you’re anything like me, which is prone to feverishly looking for inexpensive tickets whenever a tiny difficulty occurs.”

Pros: “Free on Android and iOS

Skyscanner gives you the option to view flights by the cheapest, quickest, and best overall prices as well as to filter by stops, time of departure, airlines, airports, & level of CO2 emissions. This is because cheap doesn’t always equate to good (we’re looking at you, Frontier). You’re having trouble deciding where I want to go or when they want to go there. You may look for the most affordable flights on Skyscanner to any airport worldwide at any time. Simply choose a broad period and click Explore Everywhere to get a list of nations and locations you can visit for the cheapest flights.

Adrian Paul – NCCuttingTools

Book Unique Outdoor Stays


File:Hipcamp Logo -Wordmark -FullColor.png - Wikipedia

Hipcamp can help you get organized if you’re planning a camping vacation soon (just like the millions of other individuals who the pandemic reminded that being outside is wonderful).”

Pros: “Free on Android and iOS

The app is essentially like Airbnb of great outdoors, featuring thousands many campsites, glampsites, RV parks, & cabins that you can rent out for a few nights. It also includes special accommodations like wineries, farms, treehouses, and more. Hipcamp will generate a long list of possibilities for you to choose from, which you can then filter by amenities like accessibility, campfires, pets allowed, toilets available, running water, and s’mores stations.

Adrian Paul – NCCuttingTools

Internet Connection Speed Test


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I am sure you are getting lots of app suggestions for general travel. Here is something interesting to consider with the rise of work and travel. Should be useful for all the tech savvy digital nomads.

Speedtest is an app that I use often to test the speed of wifi connection in cafes. As a digital nomad who likes to also experience the local scene wherever I travel to, cafes are one of my favorite spots to work from while observing the local life go by.”

Pros: “The speedtest mobile app is a quick way to find out the upload and download speed without having to set up my laptop. I can ask for the Wifi password, connect and run a quick test in seconds before deciding what I will be doing at the cafe. And I can order accordingly based on how long I expect to stay.

Rax Suen – Nomads Unveiled

Trip Organizer


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I prefer using *TripCase* while traveling as it allows me to organize my trip. The user just has to mail their trip confirmation to them and the rest is taken care of by the app automatically.”

Pros: “It notifies the user about any changes made like flight delays or gate changes. The app also features weather, driving directions, a map, and many more tools. It offers to make reservations for rental cars to restaurants. TripCase is a very simple user friendly app, it represents the data in an organized way not confusing the user. And it is free to use but there is also a premium version available with more features at a yearly subscription.

Cole South – Synchronize

Kid-Friendly Travel

The GoWhee App

230x0w 57

If you’re traveling with children, whether it’s down the block or across the world, you know the importance of having kid-friendly spots on your radar. But it usually takes hours to research and evaluate whether your child would enjoy it.

The GoWhee app allows you to quickly find these hidden gems around the world, giving your kids time to run around and enjoy their new environment.”

Pros: “The information input into the app comes from parents. Some might be describing local spots in their neighborhood; others might be families who travel the world full-time. Regardless, you get access to authentic reviews from other parents and you can filter based on a variety of factors including age group and varying ‘abilities’ (light/sound sensitivity, etc). Plus, there are photos, photos and more photos!”

Cons: “The downsides are it isn’t a free app, and the free trial period could be longer. Also, it’s a fairly new app, so not all the locations have reviews which means you might have to go back to your tried and true ways of research, depending on where your travels take you.

Shawn Richards – Ultimate Kilimanjaro


Google Maps

230x0w 286

“I use Google Maps when I travel. I find it to be the most accurate and user-friendly mapping app available.”

Pros: “It gives me turn-by-turn directions, traffic updates, and even public transit information in many cities. I also like being able to drop a pin at my hotel or any other location and easily get directions back to it.”

Cons: “There are a few downsides to Google Maps, however. First, it can be a battery hog if you’re using it for extended periods of time. Second, it doesn’t work offline in all areas.”

Amira Irfan – A Self Guru

View, Book, and Access Airport Lounge


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As someone who travels regularly, it is painful to experience long layovers, especially when I rely on budget flights that have cramped spaces, bad wifi, and bland food. Therefore, airport lounges serve as a sanctuary when waiting for my next flight. The problem is that not all airport lounges are accessible to passengers; for example, certain lounges are exclusive to First Class or Business Class travelers. So, to avoid meandering through the airport and looking for an accessible lounge, LoungeBuddy saves time. All that is required of me is to input my flight number and status.”

Pros: “The first benefit of LoungeBuddy is that it removes the manual process of locating a lounge and finds a lounge that you have access to. Secondly, LoungeBuddy operates on data provided from 800 of the busiest airports, or equal to over 2000 lounges. Lastly, it provides the requirements and privileges of each lounge.”

Cons: “However, the one downside to the app is that it promotes paid lounges over free lounges by pushing them down the list.

Stavros Zavrakas – Orthogonality Ltd

Travel Planner


230x0w 319

I personally love to travel and given that I want to make the most out of every trip, I need a great and detailed itinerary. To help me with that, I use an app called TripIt.”

Pros: “TripIt is an app that helps create and organize any travel plans into a detailed itinerary. All I have to do is send all my flight, transfers, hotel, restaurant, and other confirmation emails to the company and they would make that into an easily viewable itinerary on my phone. I use the pro version of the app as it is quite inexpensive and provides a lot more features such as finding alternative routes when flights get delayed.”

Cons: “The only downside to it is the part where you must pay for it, but that is quite understandable as it is such a handy app to have.

Erin Zadoorian – BudPop

Planner, Map, and Travel Guide


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If you are someone that enjoys taking road trips then this app is for you. On a road trip, you have a lot of flexibility, but organizing one involves work. Next time you feel like getting in the car and driving somewhere, give Roadtrippers a try. Y*ou can use the app to chart your route for free, including up to 7 waypoints.* The option to upgrade to Roadtrippers Plus is then available. The app will *make recommendations for nearby restaurants,* roadside attractions, picturesque stops, and more throughout your route. Even ready-made guides for well-known road excursions are available.

Jenny Ly – Go Wanderly

Hotel Booking App


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You booked that impromptu trip, and now you’re attempting to decide where you’ll spend the night. Currently on the road and in urgent need of lodging? *HotelTonight locates last-minute offers on basic to luxury hotels close to your location*, including distinctive boutique hotels. You may use the app to filter properties according to location, dates, the number of guests, pet-friendly policies, and extras like a gym.

Jenny Ly – Go Wanderly

All-in-One Travel App


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Kayak is another comprehensive travel search engine, but you can’t make a direct booking there. Instead, *Kayak directs you to other locations where you finish your trip arrangements*, such as a different aggregator, an airline, or a rental car company. Hotel stays, vehicle rentals, rail and bus tickets, and travel experiences are all covered by Kayak. It includes several helpful features for *researching locations depending on flight costs for the desired travel dates.*

Jenny Ly – Go Wanderly

Travel App and Trip Planner


230x0w 322

Traveling is one of my greatest passions, with writing coming in at a close second. Constantly being on the go, I sometimes don’t know where I will end up, but I know I’ll always need a place to sleep, especially if my car is not an option. Because of this, I’ve taken a liking to HostelWorld, an app that allows you to see community accommodations in your area at any given time.”

Pros: “Much like the Airbnb app, another great app for travelers, HostelWorld has a database of all possible hostel or hotel options in a specific area. Comprised of over 36,000 properties in 178 countries, this app has been a lifesaver for my last-minute need for lodging.

I enjoy that the interface is easy to use, making booking easy. I also love that all accommodations are rated out of 10 stars by those who have stayed in them. Because of the reviews, you can see if that particular hostel is somewhere you should stay. Safety is incredibly important when traveling. You can also use the platform to meet other travelers and form new friendships.”

Mario Cacciottolo – Sports Betting Online

Hotel Finder


230x0w 323

Everyone needs a place to stay on a trip. Trivago is a favourite of mine for finding accommodation, especially houses and apartments, at your destination. Trivago is a great app because it is useful for both the travellerand people renting their home/apartment. It is an app that aligns with our aimsand has managed to empower people while travelling.

I use the app before and during my stay to ensure I am getting the best place that suits my budget and desired area.”

Pros: “The reason Trivago is a standout travelling app to us is itsreach to millions of accommodations, its ability to compare prices easily forthe viewer and its review platform. It combines so much in one. You can save moneythrough the price comparison and utilise discount codes, which is an obviousattraction for anyone travelling.

Hardy Selo

Flights, Hotels, and Rental Cars Finder


230x0w 324

This app is top-notch for me, it helps me find the cheapest flight, hotels, and rental cars. The best thing I love about this app is that it offers a signature price prediction technology that helps me plan out well, so I can get a place within my budget.

Joseph Puglisi – DatingIconic

Flight Tracker


230x0w 325

Due to my tight schedule which I usually have, I have this app to allow me to track my flights online, check on delays, cancellations, and any other information about my flight. I mostly use the app when I am going on a business trip.

Joseph Puglisi – DatingIconic

All Transit App


230x0w 326

There are several apps that we love to use when we travel to keep our family organized and easily get around with our kids in the city.

For independent travelers this app is gold!”

Pros: “If travel by train, bus, or public transportation in the city you visit, you can enter the location you want to go and it gives you step-by-step instructions from your current location on where to catch the train or bus, which one you’re looking for and how long it will take you to get to your destination. It makes it so much easier to get around.”

Cons: “The downside is you must be in an urban area to use it and the location on your phone must be turned on.

Dania Demirci – Adventurefolio

Sleep Tracker

Better Sleep

230x0w 327

Better Sleep is a free app providing pleasant, soothing sounds to help you relax or sleep. You can choose from many different sounds such as ocean waves, rain, wind, birds, and more. I use it when I can’t turn off my brain to get to sleep. Focusing on the sounds works wonders. Sometimes I’ll just turn up the white noise option to block outside noise.”

Pros: “Free. You can combine sounds to create your own custom mix and save it for future use. You can turn some sounds up and others down to make your mix just right. There are a lot of sounds on the free version. You can set a sleep timer.”

Cons: “If you move off the app it won’t keep running so you can’t listen to the sounds and do anything else on the same device.

Sherry Arkfeld – Digital Nomad And A Dog

Currency Converter

Currency Plus

230x0w 61

Currency Plus is a great app for calculating currency exchange rates. I use it frequently when traveling in a new country until I get used to calculating my head.”

Pros: “Free. Ads are unobtrusive. You can customize your screen by choosing up to ten different currencies.

Sherry Arkfeld – Digital Nomad And A Dog

Travel Map

Countries Been

230x0w 62

Countries Been is an app that allows you to check off the countries you’ve visited. I like to keep track of where I’ve been and I get so much happiness from checking off a new country.

Pros: “Free. Ads are unobtrusive. You can mark countries as visited, lived, or want. Within the United States you can mark individual states.

Cons: “For countries other than USA you can’t choose just a state. It’s the entire country or nothing. Country names aren’t shown on the map until you click on it. Maybe this is a pro since you can practice your geography skills!

Sherry Arkfeld – Digital Nomad And A Dog

GPS Phone Locator and Tracker


230x0w 328

I call this the Marauder’s Map App because it shows where your family and friends are. I click on this app several times a day. When I’m far from home it’s comforting to see my mom is at home or my son got home safely from a concert. It also helps them know that I’m safe where ever I am. Users have to accept being added so you can’t stalk just anyone.

Pros: “Free. You can set up different circles, such as one for family and one for friends. Once added, users can turn on and off their location. Works with both Android and iPhones. You can name places (e.g. Sherry’s house). The paid version has even more features.

Cons: “Doesn’t always update. Sometimes a person’s location won’t be updated for an hour or more. (It shows on top when it was last updated so you know if it’s current.) It’s not always accurate.

Sherry Arkfeld – Digital Nomad And A Dog

Trip Planner


230x0w 63

Rome2Rio is another app I recently discovered. It’s a great way to figure out how to get from point A to point B, pretty much anywhere in the world. It will show you all the options, including driving, buses, boats, airplanes, and even walking. It won’t show you ALL the options, but will provide several.”

Pros: “Free. You can specify the currency being displayed when calculating prices. You can also specify whether you want to use metric or imperial distance units.”

Cons: “Pricing isn’t accurate in my experience.

Sherry Arkfeld – Digital Nomad And A Dog

Stars, Constellation, and Satellites Identifier


230x0w 64

SkyView Free is a great app to see what constellations and planets are overhead. It also shows the International Space Station and satellites (optional). You can turn on and off the lines connecting stars in constellations, as well as artwork. It’s a great way to find the different constellations or just to appreciate the heavens a bit more.”

Pros: “No ads. Clicking on a star shows its name and some facts. You can get even more information on request.”

Cons: “Not all functionality is available in the free version.

Sherry Arkfeld – Digital Nomad And A Dog

Free Messaging and Video Calling App


230x0w 304

WhatsApp is well-known around the world … except in the United States. It’s the best way to get in touch with people in different countries. Most people will automatically expect to communicate via WhatsApp. I find it to be the best way to communicate. I’m using it more and more.”

Pros: “Free calling and texting all over the world. Works with your current phone number. You can block numbers. You can share your exact location which is quite helpful when calling for a taxi.”

Cons: “Doesn’t have an translate option. Since it’s owned by Meta, I’d think they could add this like it is in Facebook.

Sherry Arkfeld – Digital Nomad And A Dog

Trip Planner

Tripsy: Travel Planner

230x0w 65

I never leave home without Tripsy: Travel Planner. This is the absolute best app for tracking and organizing my travel documents, finding local activities, and coordinating trips with friends. Before I discovered this app, I used a combination of Notes, email folders, and miscellaneous travel apps that track individual transactions like flights, hotels, or restaurants. Tripsy brings all of these elements together into a single, user-friendly app that is beautifully designed and fun to use.

The Pro version of Tripsy allows you to create a shareable weblink for your trips that you can share with anyone, even if they don’t use Apple products. You can also forward emails to Tripsy with restaurant reservations, car rentals, flights, and anything else you want to track, and the app will organize the information as part of your trip. You can purchase Tripsy Pro for $29.99 for the first year, then $39.99 per year, monthly for $4.99 per month, or a lifetime subscription for $179.99.”

Pros: “The app’s intuitive interface includes some attractive design features, including a database of user photos that you can select as wallpaper for your trip. Once you create a trip in the app, you can add activities, flights, and other reservations to your trip. You can also store documents, photos, notes, and videos that are shareable with friends through the app. Your trip will organize reservations and activities chronologically, so you can immediately view your upcoming activities while on your trip. The map view integrates directions to all of your activities, and you can view activities based on categories like lodging, restaurants, tours, locations, and many others. When you click on an event, contact information, websites, and maps pop up for easy access. You can also easily add friends to your itinerary.

Tripsy offers a single app for all your travel plans. The app’s integrations with native iOS features allow you to seamlessly incorporate all the documentation features of your phone within the travel app.

Benjamin Earwicker – Mediation Services

Exploration Games


230x0w 66

Questo’, is an app that helps you to have a self-guided tour. This app is great for discovering new places and engaging you to have a fun adventure. For travellers, especially seniors, apps that enable them to locate places are a huge blessing. Known for being a leisure app, it is interactive and fun for users. Being beginner-friendly, it is easy to use as well.

Michael Koh – PropNex

Flight and Hotel Booking App

App in the Air

230x0w 68

For my work I test and review plenty of travel focused apps. Some are bespoke brand apps while others are 3rd party apps and I use them across multiple devices such as smartphone, tablet and smartwatch.

For my own travel, be it for business or pleasure, I will always rely on App in the Air. I’d consider myself to be an astute traveller and AITA gives me the information I need though real time notifications while I move through any airport in the world, reminds me to check in, and even provides an automatic check-in feature for many of the major airlines.”

Pros: “It has Apple Watch support that comes in handy for last minute gate changes..

The real benefit however is how the app acts as a travel assistant. By allowing it access to my inbox, all my travel bookings are captured and stored, even complex itineraries, along with hotel and car rental bookings. If you like to visualize your travel, the app has a feature that maps out all your flights over the year onto a map and creates a downloadable video.

Tom Payne – Tech For Travel

Unit and Currency Converter

Units Plus Lite

230x0w 46

As an American I don’t know the metric system at all. When I moved to Turkey (or travelled anywhere!) I don’t know Celsius or distances or weights or speed in anything not imperial system. This free app allows me to quickly and easily convert any of the things I need. I use it regularly.

Kimberly McCauley – The Art Of Living In Turkey

Navigation, Maps, and Speed Camera Detector


230x0w 69

this one is especially great if renting a car. I have been on a couple of international road trips and sometimes you have no idea what the speed limit is. This great app will tell you the speed limit as well as if there are any speed traps coming up. It saved my butt many a times while driving!

Kimberly McCauley – The Art Of Living In Turkey

Cheap Airline Ticket Finder

WayAway App

230x0w 70

I have recently discovered this app. It has a new approach to trip planning. It partners with so many different platforms (,, etc) and when you join Plus, you can earn cash back on your trip!

Kimberly McCauley – The Art Of Living In Turkey

Hotels, Restaurants, and Tours Booking App


230x0w 329

When traveling, TripAdvisor is my favorite app because it has a lot of information about many different places, which helps me find the best place for my family and me. I use the app because it provides a great resource of reviews and information that I can use to decide where I will stay or do while I’m away. I love that it allows me to book hotel rooms and tours to new places easily and intuitively. It also provides many options for places to eat and attractions to see.”

Pros: “The app’s pros are that it allows me to compare prices for different hotels and attractions quickly and that the information is user-generated, so it’s the best possible representation of the area. It also has a lot of reviews about places that can help me decide what to do or not do based on other people’s experiences.”

Cons: “It can be overwhelming. There are a lot of reviews, and sometimes they are biased because they are just commentary and not a review.

Alan Lee – HairBro

Flight Tracker


230x0w 71

It’s the ONLY flight tracker you will ever need. Flighty gets to work 25-hours prior to departure with notifications about where your plane is traveling to before it gets to you. And whether it arrived on time or late.

I know what type of plane I’m traveling on, how old it is, how many miles it’s flown and how fast it flies. Most times I know the percentage of time the flight I’m traveling on has arrived late or been canceled. I know how long it’s going to take to taxi on my departure and landing.”

Pros: “This is a pilot grade flight tracking app for those who want to know absolutely everything about their upcoming flight.

I know most times if my flight is delayed, canceled or had a gate change before the airline notification. With the tap of a button, I can see alternative flights just in case my flight has been cancelled or delayed too long.

Margie Jordan

Offline Maps

City Maps 2 Go

230x0w 330

What I love about this app is if you’re walking around Rome or some other place you will see the blue dot of your current location and that a place you pinned is nearby. So if you’re lost on what to do you can see what’s nearby easily.”

Pros: “It’s an offline map which lets you tag all the places you want to go ahead of time so you can navigate effectively. It also lets you tag each place by an emoji which lets you see what category the place is in.”

Cons: “The only downside of this app is it isn’t super easy to share your saved map with friends.

Jacqueline Rezk – Jou Jou Travels

Social Platform for Foodies and Travelers


230x0w 72

It helps me find the most trending and most instagrammable places when I travel.”

Pros: “You can send locations straight from Instagram to Grabbd and it will save it to your list. You can create curated lists of places you want to try!”

Cons: “The only con of this app is smaller cities may not have many spots to discover via the app but you can always add new locations yourself.

Jacqueline Rezk – Jou Jou Travels

Weather Forecast and Alerts


230x0w 331

For checking the weather, I found it is the most accurate one, in terms of predicting the weather.”

Pros: “It provides detailed and accurate forecasting, worldwide.”

Cons: “It has Ads, to go Ad-free you have to subscribe to premium plans. (It is a con, but I think it is fair)

Pratham Sawlani – BlogHeist

Travel Expense Tracker

Travel Spend

230x0w 73

I am a full-time traveler and one of the apps that I cannot live without is Travel Spend, It is a travel budget app that makes it easy to keep track of my spending so I do not go over budget.

You can even share it with family and friends and set a budget for different people. Overall, it’s the app every traveler needs to keep themselves on budget.”

Pros: “It allows you to categorize your spending and set a budget. The best part, you can input other currencies and the converter will show your budget in your home currency.”

Cons: “The only con is that you will need to purchase the premium version to add custom categories, search, and export your expenses.

Corritta Lewis – It’s A Family Thing

Podcast App


230x0w 74

Podbean is an excellent app to download for traveling. This is because it has a huge selection of podcasts that you can download for free and listen to while you are on long journeys. Since the podcasts can be stored on your phone, you don’t need to worry about having access to WiFi to get your listening fix.

Podbean also has the option to publish podcasts that you create yourself, which means that you are able to document your traveling experiences and share them with the world!

Brett Robinson – Wired Clip