Best Apps for Trading

Trade is a freely agreed-upon exchange of products or services between various economic parties. Similarly, in the world of modern finance, trading describes the buying and selling of stocks or other investments.

People trade for the advantage to earn more money, this is why searching for the most accessible and secure option to trade is crucial.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to trade and invest, we have a list of apps for you.

Check out below the best apps for trading and the experience of people who have tried or used the app.

Investment and Trading App

230x0w 150 is a no-commission investment programme for novices that facilitates stock and ETF trades. The stock market app is aimed at Millennials and Gen-Zers who are social media savvy and interested in investing in the stock market.

Adam Fard – Adam Fard

Investment and Trading App


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Robinhood became the first commission-free stock trading app by reducing trading commissions to $0. Others in the sector had no choice but to follow if they wanted to remain relevant to retail investors.”

Pros: “The programme provides commission-free stock trading as well as the ability to trade ETFs, participate in options trading, and invest in penny stocks.

Gerrid Smith – Joy Organics

Investment Tracker

Fidelity Investments

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You may live your entire financial life on Fidelity Investments with no difficulty – and get the best-integrated experience. At Fidelity, you can open an investment account, a checking account, an IRA, a business retirement account like a SEP IRA, a bill-paying account, a savings account, an account with a Robo-advisor, and even a credit card account.

Lulu Albanna – Wealthy Rich Celeb

Investing, Banking, and Trading App


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When it comes to a mobile app available for both iPhone and Android smartphones, E*TRADE comes out on top. The E*TRADE package comprises the engaging Power E*TRADE app, which is primarily focused on trading, and the E*TRADE Mobile app, which is suited for regular investing.”

Pros: “With a surprising level of depth and range of tools, E*TRADE Mobile is suitable for both novice and more experienced investors. It has a tonne of capabilities that are hidden away. There are reports on advanced studies, and charts have ten indications. The app’s interface is simple, making it simple to find new functions.

Amar Vig – London FS

Finance App


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With the help of the stock market software SoFi Invest, you may buy and sell stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrency. The well-known personal finance brand just made a foray into the realm of investing by providing free trades on stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrency, and more. Mutual funds and options trading is not available through SoFi. You have the option to actively trade or to take a back seat and let the service’s automatic investment capabilities function as a robo-advisor.

Because you will have a variety of investing possibilities, this stock market app may be a smart place to keep your investment accounts. Along with offering additional personal finance products including credit cards, refinanced student loans, money management, and more, the organization intends to assist any consumers who are interested in bettering their financial status.

Pros: “Free of commission trading.

Cons: “No functionality for socially responsible robo-advisors.

Hamza Usmani 

Investment Manager

Merrill Edge

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Merrill Edge is known for its excellent customer service, extensive research, and competitive pricing. Customers of Bank of America, which owns BofA Direct, will like the streamlined and well-thought-out interface, which only requires one login to access both types of accounts.

Pros: “Robust research conducted by a third party.”

Cons: “There may be fewer securities available for advanced traders to choose from.

Hamza Usmani 

Investment and Savings App


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Through an appealing, streamlined design, Wealthfront offers consumers a robust, digital-only investment experience that allows them access to a full range of money management functions.

By adopting a rules-based method to transfer money between your accounts while optimising for your goals, Wealthfront’s Self-Driving Money gives you the ability to further automate your finances. This puts even more power over your financial path at your fingertips”

Pros: “The goal-setting, account aggregation, financial advice, investment, and banking options are all user friendly and easy to use.

Hamza Usmani

Investment and Banking App


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This app is my favorite for managing my investments and retirement savings. It helps me invest my spare change into a diversified portfolio of ETFs.

Carl Jenson – Compare Banks

Market Tracker

TD Ameritrade

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One of my favorites is the TD Ameritrade app. It allows me to trade stocks, options, and ETFs from my phone. This app is my favorite for research and analysis.

Carl Jenson – Compare Banks

Global Investment Tracker


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*The finest share trading app for both novice and experienced traders is Moomoo:* Stocks, ETFs, and options can all be traded on the commission-free trading platform Moomoo. Moomoo differs from other platforms by prioritizing use and simplicity. The share trading platform offers an integrated platform packed with potent tools to improve your trade insights and abilities, catering to both novice and experienced traders.”

Pros: “Additionally, it offers free resources to help you develop your market awareness and understanding, such as 24/7 financial news selected by moomoo’s editorial team and in depth market data such as Depth-of-Market and Level 2 Market Data. These tools are offered by the trading platform to help investors make wiser investment choices.

The software also provides physical trading capabilities with real-time data if such a feature set initially seems scary. By doing this, you can practice investing without risking any of your own money. Additionally, the app rewards you for downloading it by giving you free stocks in exchange for making a minimum payment.

Jonathan Merry – Blankless Times

Trading Tracker


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There are a couple of apps that are my go-to’s for trading. The first one being TradingView. It’s a charting software that is the most user-friendly app that I’ve found.

I’ve tried several other charting apps, and this one is by far the best.”

Pros: “The interface is really intuitive and it makes charting a breeze. You can quickly draw trend lines, support and resistance lines, add any indicator you can think of (there are 1000’s of them to choose from and the community adds more each day), backtest using the replay feature, and have multiple charts open at the same time.”

Cons: “The only downside to the app that I’ve found is that when switching between time frames, your trend lines don’t translate to the exact right spot, so be aware of that (you just manually adjust it to fix it).

Kalen Houck – Kalen Houck

Investing App


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We recommend Betterment as the top investing app. Betterment is a leading robo-advisor and one of the most well-known in the industry. Depending on your risk tolerance and the timeframe for which you’ll need the money, the app will construct a professionally managed portfolio from a group of exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Betterment allows clients to construct environmentally and socially conscious investment portfolios.

For digital service, no balance is necessary, however a $100,000 amount is required for premium service.

Management fees range from 0.25 percent to 0.40 percent of assets each year.

Peter Beeda – FHA Lend

Investing App


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If you’re a beginner investor who also enjoys games, Invstr is the perfect app for you since it combines learning, real-world investment, and a community. The app provides users with access to the perspectives of investors on stocks and other assets, as well as a fantasy stock game in which they may participate in the management of a virtual portfolio.

The bare minimum that must be on deposit is $0.

Invstr Pro costs just $3.99 per month. Can invest as little as $5 and make commission-free trades in stocks, cryptocurrency, and ETFs.

Peter Beeda – FHA Lend

Finance, Stocks, and Crypto Chat App


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I use Stocktwits for the Twitter community for traders. I like the community aspect and the different types of people I connect with. The app is also easy to use and is an easy way to follow many people. The pros of the app are that it’s available on the go and the cons are that it can be difficult to find content when you’re not actively using it.

Leo Coleman – Gambling ‘N Go

Investing and Trading App


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I use bittrex for crypto trading and I love it. Bittrex has a huge variety of coins, low fees, and a really easy to use interface. Bittrex is most popular for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

I have tried a variety of crypto trading apps and what I like the most about Bittrex is the interface, the fees, how fast it is and the customer support. I’ve had a couple minor glitches with the app but customer support was very fast in helping me get my issues solved. I also like how fast your orders get filled in the market so you don’t have to wait long before you get your coins. The fees on Bittrex are also very low compared to other exchange sites. I’ve used Poloniex in the past and I paid $.01 on every single transaction I made.”

Pros: “Bittrex is a good option for users who want to invest in cryptocurrency. They are an exchange based in the United States, meaning that they are regulated and provide a high level of safety for you. The website is easy to use, and it’s possible to transfer funds from your bank to the platform quickly and easily. Some of the major cryptocurrencies are available here, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. You can also trade altcoins, such as Dash and Monero. When you make a deal, you can buy or sell. A sliding scale on the right allows you to set the volume.”

Cons: “The main con for Bittrex is that it charges higher fees than other exchanges. That’s not to say it has higher fees across the board, but it does charge more for common features. When you’re making an order, for example, the fee is 0.25%. There are exchanges that charge less for the same service. The other main con is that Bittrex doesn’t have as many trading pairs as other exchanges. For example, Bitfinex (one of the top crypto exchanges) offers at least ten more trading pairs than Bittrex does. There are also many more deposit and withdrawal methods on Bitfinex than Bittrex. While these features are less important for people who trade altcoins, they’re critical for people who trade fiat currencies.

Henffrey Muthama – LEDask

Trading App


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I personally use the eToro App because it’s the *most comprehensive* on the market in terms of trading and investing features.

I use it to invest in *real* *stocks with zero purchasing commission*. Also, you can buy *fractional stocks*, so even with small capital you can invest in expensive stocks. I can also invest in *real cryptos*, and I have a semi-integrated *wallet app* to store them.

If I occasionally want to make quick trades or short trades, I can clearly trade *CFDs with leverage*.”

Pros: “eToro also offers several innovative tools such as *Social Trading, Copy Trading*, and especially *Smart Portfolios*, which are sort of investment funds.

The whole procedure of opening and verification can be done from the app, plus the *demo has no expiration date*.”

Cons: “One of the few negative aspects of the eToro App is definitely the chart analysis part. Very little can be done and it’s at a very basic level.

Filippo Ucchino – InvestinGoal

Trading App


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In 2022, One of the fastest serving apps is *ZERODHA KITE APP*. It has the best rating and is also super fast and easy to use for beginners. It also has the best brokers with discounts and an all-in-one solution for trading.”

Pros: “Zerodha kite is also available as an android and iOS app. It has an application in which you can customize your choice of trading areas and one of the extraordinary features is having the TradingView charts and ChartLQ. It is free to download and has no charges for customers.

Matt Gillman – SMB Compass

Investing and Trading Crypto App


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KuCoin is a much more affordable option than Coinbase, and it offers a wide range of features that are perfect for traders of all levels of experience..

Overall, though, KuCoin is my favorite cryptocurrency trading app and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great trading experience.”

Pros: “KuCoin offers live price charts, multiple order types, and advanced charting tools. The app is also very user-friendly, which makes it perfect for those who are new to trading.”

Cons: “However, one downside of KuCoin is that it is not available in all countries.

Max Kimball – Max Kimball

Stock Markets and World Finance News App


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When it comes to trading stocks, there are a few key things that any investor needs: real-time quotes, up-to-the-minute news, and reliable analysis. Fortunately, there are a number of apps that can provide all of this information and more. One of the most popular is Bloomberg, which offers real-time stock quotes as well as comprehensive market news.

Oberon Copeland – VeryInformed

Stock Market Portfolio, News, and Analysis App

Seeking Alpha

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 For those looking for more in-depth analysis, Seeking Alpha is a great option. It features articles from a range of financial experts, as well as tools for tracking portfolios and identifying new investment opportunities.

Oberon Copeland – VeryInformed