Best Apps for Socializing

Making a connection with people could be a little challenging sometimes. Whether you are new in town or just want to meet new people.

Luckily, everything can be done online now. We have a list of apps to help you socialize and meet new people according to your preference either online or in the real world. 

This list includes some social media apps, apps that could help you connect with your neighbors, apps that offer free messaging, calls, or even video calling and so much more.

Check out below the best apps for socializing and the experiences of some people who have tried or used the app.

Chat, Snap, and Video Call App


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My favorite app for socializing is definitely Snapchat. I use it every day to talk to my friends across the country! Many of my close friends live in different states than me, so snapchat allows me to talk to them while also getting to see their face on occasion!

Pros: “Location services for being able to see where someone is traveling for safety reasons!

Cons: “Many ads are now being ran on snapchat, just like all social media.

Noah White – Ark Burial Insurance

Meeting New People and Local Groups


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One of the best apps for socializing is Meetup. Apps like Bumble BFF can feel a little intimidating to some due to the pressure of one-on-one interaction. Meetup avoids this by providing a platform for both forming and joining groups. Plus, the sheer number of active groups on the app means there’s something available for almost any interest.

Grace Baena – Kaiyo

Connect With Your Neighbors


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I personally use next door. Next door is an app that helps you connect more with your neighbors. I would recommend next door to you. With next door, you are able to know about everything happening in your neighborhood, with the app, you get more connected with your community. You are able to alert your neighbours about a strangers presence in your community also

Pros: “Next door helps you interact with people around you, you can easily reach them after meeting them online.

Cons: “Not everyone might be on the app, so finding people around your neighborhood using the

James Peterson – NitrousWhip

Social App


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LMK is a great app for socializing. It helps you to connect with potential friends who share similar interests beyond just sending a few quick text messages. Through the app you can share voice messages and join talk-based Audio Room conversations with groups of people. It’s free to use and premium plans start at $4.99 per month for a 6-month subscription.

Larry Snider – Casago

Quick and Efficient Messaging App


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Reach is a great app for socializing and meeting new people. You start by setting up your profile and defining your personality by choosing emojis that fit your best. It then recommends best friends based on your shared interests and personality type. You can message, call, or video chat with the people you meet and then work toward friendship goals in categories like support, loyalty, and companionship.

Shirlene Kyin – Soylent

Social App to Reach People Nearby

Zingr Social App

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Making new friends is easy with this app. For Android and iOS users, Zingr is the best application for making new friends. It facilitates finding people nearby and sharing content with them, as well as meeting them. New friends can be made with this app. Having been translated into 53 languages, it’s a great app for travelers. Facebook, Instagram, and Skype are all built using the same software. You can use Zingr to find people and learn what’s happening around you and in your city.

Max Shak – Survival Gear Shack

Social Media App


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Twitter is my best app for socializing because it enables me to meet and interact with like minds. While many people think Twitter is a complex app, I have found it to be my best socializing app. Twitter lets me put out my thoughts, learn from thought leaders, and engage with like minds on different topics. I have met professionals and built good social relationships with strangers I interacted with on Twitter.

Pros: “One of the pros of Twitter as a socializing app is that it enables you to interact with people of divergent backgrounds and read from different people on a particular topic. That opportunity gives you a balanced view and a clearer understanding of social issues.

Cons: “On the downside, Twitter is also a place where people can push negative agendas to influence others. Some people seen as an authority can capitalize on their status to make hate speech and misinform their followers.

Kathy Taylor – WeLoans

Social Media App


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*Facebook* is my go-to social media app. I can carry out both professional and personal duties on Facebook. It is an extremely useful product with a sizable user base that would be ideal as a business outlet.”

Pros: “The *ease of use and simplicity of connecting* with others are two main benefits of this software.”

Cons: “the possibility of *identity theft and scams*

Lily Will – Ever Wallpaper

Team Chat, Phone, Video and More


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One of the most popular apps for online communication. You may know zoom for office meetings but zoom can also be a platform for virtual parties and get-togethers. Zoom offers a lot of features that can make a virtual event more interactive and fun.

Samantha Moss – Romantific

Watch Party App


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You’re maybe familiar with Netflix party. With Rave, you are also able to send voice recordings and chats while watching movies together with your friends or family. The app supports different apps like Netflix, YouTube, and more. You may also join public raves with people around the world and vote on a movie you would want to watch together with people around the world.

Samantha Moss – Romantific

Language Exchange App


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This one’s a bit out of left field, but hopefully you like it. My favourite app for socializing is Tandem ( This is an app which introduces people learning languages to each other.

This app was a lifeline for me during Covid. I was learning German and wanted to practice having conversations, both written and spoken. I met so many fantastic German native speakers, who in turn wanted to practice their English with me.

We began by texting each other through the app, and if we had lots in common and plenty to chat about, we’d arrange a video or voice call. I had no idea how much I needed this app until I discovered it. In terms of socializing during Covid, this was a game-changer.

Emma Jackman – Emma Loves German

Group Chat, Gaming, and Friends


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I use discord because I find it easier to socialize with employees who share our company’s management opinions when we have a shared space where we can talk about them. It allows users to chat with each other, creates their own server and chat rooms, and even voice chat with each other.

Discord can be used to communicate with friends and teammates, or it can be a way to find new people to play games with.”

Pros: “Discord is an easy way for gamers to connect with others. It is also great for communicating in the middle of a game because it has a built-in voice chat feature that works on both computers and smartphones.”

Cons: “Discord does not have any video chat features, which means that gamers who want to play together may need additional software like Skype or Facetime.

Mukesh Sharma – Byaj Book

Dating and Meeting New People App


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Bumble is one of the hottest apps for socializing these days and widely used globally. It has different versions that offer different goals for its users. They have the Date, Bff and Bizz specialty apps.

If you are looking for a romantic partner, you should install Bumble Date. On the other hand, Bumble BFF is mainly used by women to find a friend. Lastly, Bumble Bizz is for business networking which is used by StartUp CEOs.”

Pros: “It is a very user friendly app and what I like about it is, it filters its users smartly. While using the app, you will have recommendations from people who have the same interest as you and these are the people who most likely have conversations with you.

Ben Grindlow – ProXPN

Group Text Messaging App


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It is very open to many people and it is helpful to be connected to the people related to your current friends. You can use it through your professional and private personality.

Pros: “It can be used by different users of various phone models. Setting it up and even inviting your friends, and people you didn’t know much is easily accessible.

Cons: “All notifications are piled up when not opened on a specific mobile device, so you need to read all the messages when using other devices.

April Maccario – AskApril

Find Friends, Call, and Videochat


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I have recently come across an app named Wink. With the help of this friendship app, users can find new friends both locally and internationally. Wink is the tool for you if you’re seeking for something that simply supports friendships. You start by creating a profile that includes a tonne of private images as well as information about your interests, preferences, likes, and dislikes. From there, you can browse other app users and initiate a chat by just swiping.”

Pros: “Through the app’s messenger feature, you can exchange messages, photographs, gifs, and other content with ease.

Corrie Duffy – Corrie Cooks

Global Video Community


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There are plenty of channels everyone could choose from to use for socializing. There are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and those are the most popular ones in the market. However, some people’s tastes may change, so I try something new and go with the trend of using TikTok.

I can share more detailed pieces since the contents are video formats in TikTok, which is prominent with younger generations who need my advice. “

Pros: “You can lip-sync or record sound clips separately to polish your content. Also, there is a direct message feature so a follower who wants to send a message can reach out to you privately.”

Cons: “Despite the advantages mentioned, there is not enough security access on TikTok since underage users can make an account and upload videos. The reach is also not technically convincing, especially if your ideal audience is adults in their 60s, 50s, and 40s since it is unusual for them to have that app.

Sonya Schwartz – Her Norm

Network and Job Finder


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This is often used to build connections and network professionally with people that could help our career development. You could easily reach out to the right person because their work information was readily available.

Jean Will – NiaWigs

GPS Cycling and Running App


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Perhaps an unorthodox suggestion, but I have found Strava to be one of the best apps for socializing, especially given that I (and most of the people in my social circle) am very sporty.

I have even made new friends through the app – by spotting neighbors who are also interested in cycling. Myself and the other cyclists in my building got together this year to watch a few stages of the Tour de France together – so I have created real life friendships off a fitness app!

Overall, it is just a really supportive community, which is difficult to fund when it comes to social media, and apps designed for socializing. There doesn’t seem to be any competition for followers or influence, and there isn’t an algorithm either, which is a real breath of fresh air!”

Pros: “Using Strava, I get to keep up with my friends, what they are up to, and where they are, though the mechanism that is most important to us – physical activity. As the app tracks location, it is easy for me to schedule things like bike rides and hikes with people that I know are in the area.

Kevin Harris – NANBF

Messaging Platform


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In our office we recently started using Slack. As an old-timer these apps and software often go over my head but Slack, once I was introduced to it, is clearly the answer to socializing in the office. By keeping the app as a work communication system it is a really great way for our employees to talk to each other both for work reasons and for general socialization. When the advent of email was upon us, something sleeker, easier to use, and more casual was always desired – Slack achieved this for me.

Richard Brandenstein – Fusco, Brandenstein & Rada, P.C.

Social App for Women


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Peanut is a highly recommended online platform for moms who feel isolated and want to connect with other mothers to understand what they are going through. The app connects like minded women to help each other to get through postpartum depression. It even creates groups and communities to build connections.”

Eric Jones – Couture Candy

Free Messaging and Video Calling App


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WhatsApp is a messaging app that allows you to send texts, photos, videos, and audio messages to your contacts. You can also create group chats, call people, and video chat with them. WhatsApp is incredibly popular because it’s cross-platform, so you can use it regardless of what type of phone you have. It’s also free to use.

Pros: “You can communicate with anyone as long as they have the app installed, regardless of what type of phone they have.

Cons: “You need an internet connection to use WhatsApp.

Tia Mula – LIVE&WED

For Text, Audio, and Video Calls

Facebook Messenger

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Facebook Messenger is a messaging app that allows you to send texts, photos, videos, voice messages, and even money to your contacts. You can also create group chats and make calls on Facebook Messenger. The app is connected to your Facebook account, so all of your Facebook friends will automatically be added to your Messenger contacts list.

Pros: “You can communicate with anyone as long as they have the app installed and a Facebook account.

Cons: “Ads appear in between conversations on Facebook Messenger.

Tia Mula – LIVE&WED

For Calls, Chats, and More


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WeChat is a messaging app that offers basic features like text and voice messaging as well as more unique ones like video calls, group chats, payments, and mini programs ( WeChat’s version of apps). WeChat also has a Moments feature ( similar to Facebook’s News Feed) where you can = post photos or updates for your friends to see. WeChat is only available in China but has plans to expand globally.

Pros: “WeChat has a wide range of features beyond standard messaging including video calls, group chats, payments ,and mini programs .

Cons: “WeChat is only available in China .

Tia Mula – LIVE&WED

Social Media Platform


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Instagram is a social media platform and is best to do everything on this app including socializing. Apart from every other socializing app, I find Instagram the easiest and *most fun* app. Since I am an artist, I get to connect myself and my business with different* art businesses *on Instagram. I get to talk to various artists from all over the world. Through Instagram, I also got to know some of the* renowned artists* that I look up to. And so, this is why I prefer using Instagram rather than using any other app to socialize and connect with people. It’s good for me and my business as well.

Nathan Hughes – Art Ignition

Hearing Assistive App


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Bruce and a team of AI experts created HeardThat, a software-based, AI-powered app that leverages smartphones to truly separate speech in noise to empower users to join back in conversations in noisy places like restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, and social gatherings. Since its early release, HeardThat has gained thousands of regular monthly followers, with its most active user base growing by 12% month-over-month.

Pros: “No new devices are required — HeardThat works with the devices most people already have, including most Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, cochlear implants, and ordinary earbuds and headphones.

Cons: “There is a modest subscription fee of $9.99 USD/month (or ($99.99/year). However, new and existing user get one month for free and if they choose not to subscribe, they can still use the app for 30-minutes a week

Kim Peterson – KP Communications, LLC

Social App For Women

Hey! Vina

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Hey! Vina is my favorite social app because there are times when I have to travel for business and I find myself in a new city for a few weeks, with no one to show me around or spend my free time with.

Pros: “Hey! Vina makes the process of connecting with other women that share similar interests very easy through the use of lighthearted personality quizzes. This in turn allows me to quickly find compatible friends, local events or even communities like yogis. And since it is a women-only app, this makes friend finding safer and more fun, compared to most other social apps.

Cons: “The only downside is that it doesn’t have such a wide user base, which can sometimes make it difficult to find new friends in new localities.

Eden Cheng 

Social Gaming App

Good Together App

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It’s a game with a purpose and gives users the opportunity to create special lists of things to do with others to connect in meaningful ways in just 3, 5 or 7 minute regular intervals.

Jennifer Galbraith